Monday, May 1, 2017




Rain rain,
To drench me,
Can you please come again?
Wanna be that little girl,
And wanna dance with you madly again!

Rain Rain,
Can you please come again?
Wanna live that young age,
And walk with my partner,
Holding each other's hand again!

Rain Rain,
To touch me you please come again;
Through you I can send my warmth,
To my beloved,
Who now residing in heaven!

Rain Rain,
Can you feel my pain?
I am prisoned in this single room;
And my wheelchair says,
You can't go out again!

This grey hair and inability,
Now will always remain;
Wanna cry loud and hide my tears,
Rain Rain,
Once you please come again...


I love the way you look,
I love the way you smile;
I love the way you dress,
Thinking of you, makes my day fresh!

I love the hair you have,
I love the way you brush;
I love the way you talk,
And you are my biggest crush!

I love the human being you are,
I love the honour you've earned;
I would love to be only your friend,
In love my feelings got turned!

I love to hear from you,
I love to give accompany to you;
I love to spend time endlessly with you,
Mostly I love to silently love you!

Years have passed,
Days are spent;
My love for you will never be changed,
And that's all I meant!


After some years of break-up
When d 2 lovers met again
The one who used to smile bright, looked at the other, with teary eyes..
The one who used to be a cry-baby always, looked at d other, with the accustomed fake smile..
D conversation started with a hi-hello, Just like two unknowns meeting first time!
But when they asked each other that how's life,
Answer from both side was a certain break, a mild smile & a silent cry!
Neither childishness nor argues,
Nothing came into them;
Only two matured persons...wounded but not loved to show then!
After a sudden pause, when d fake smile looked into d teary eyes..
Hugged each other within a blinking time,
N tried to get back their own vibes!
And after lots of fakes, lots of lies
One mild voice sudden raised n asked,
After 5 years of break-up,
Can we start a fresh again?

SALYALI DAS, from Kolkata,India, a typical bengali girl who is just 24 & now working in a Telecom company as the HR, loves to write poems when spending leisure times.

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