Monday, May 1, 2017



When the tinkle of your anklets keep me half awake in anticipation
It is poetry
When the moon slips slyly beneath the clouds like an elusive pimpernel
It is poetry
When the Chakor pines for it's beloved
In the wee hours of the night
It is poetry
When the first bud of motia perfumes my garden in summer
It is poetry
When the clouds gather for a solemn conference in monsoons
It is poetry
When you look up from deep love brimming eyes
It is poetry
When the petrichor suffuses the mud homes of farmers
It is poetry
When your hand comes over my head invisibly
It is poetry
When the pansies smile impishly with their cat faces
It is poetry
When your ageing dad beckons you home across the oceans due to random racial attacks
It is poetry
When the pebble you threw with wild force causes a whirlpool of ripples
It is poetry
When you remember your mother's salt and carrom seed paranthas
It is poetry
When the borders open for friendly visits
It is poetry
When I declare your love to the world
It will be poetry
Happy International poetry day !
It is poetry
Copyright Lily Swarn 20.3.2017


I knew you had come that day
The breeze was heavy with your breath
The moon slipped away furtively
Behind the thick pall of gloom
That hovered over my grey dome

The Chakor whelped in pain
Across the navy blue mountains
A lost sheep bleated in fear
While the owl looked on in wondrous awe
The cypress swayed in drunken stupor
Casting ominous shadows over my reclining form

I knew you had come that day
Copyright Lily Swarn27.32017


It's not often that I want to rhyme
I like being a free bird in any clime

Guttural sounds of choking fears
Rolling along with drenching tears

Blabbering out my spent heart
On cul de sacs bitter and tart

Smiling through the hazy screen
When the world is rather mean

Humming melodies of happy days
Chirping twittering with blue jays


LILY SWARN recently won the Reuel International Prize for Poetry 2016 and was recognised by the World Union Of Poets  as Global Poet Of Peace and Universal Love.World institute of peace are conferring Global Icon of Peace to her in Nigeria .Lily has been awarded the Virtuoso Award by Philosophique  poetica She is a post graduate in English from Punjab university and has taught degree classes. A gold medalist and a university colour holder for dramatics and histrionics, she was the editor of the college magazine and also wrote middles for newspapers! Poetry as passion blossomed after her young son's sudden demise in 2013.  She writes with a poignant touch in English, Hindi and Urdu .Her weekly columns Cantonment Calling and History  Mystery of Food are highly  popular .Lily's  poems can  be read in many anthologies and  have recently been translated into Italian too. .She is widely read in the internationally famous ,Poem Kubili and The garden of poetry and prose .Her work has  been recognised as explosive, outstanding and powerful by different  poetry groups and they often turn their spotlight on it . Her Facebook profile has many followers..Married to an army veteran she lives in Chandigarh , India .
Books -
1.Contemporary major women  poets of India
2.Recently published book
The Virtual Reality
3.Poem in
Colours Of Refuge
the international book whose  proceeds go to refugees
4.Bouquet of verse
Love poems poems
6.Roses and Rhymes
7..Revista Letrare ATUNIS
Poems translated into Italian
8.Regular column for web magazine Different Truths read all over the world

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