Monday, May 1, 2017




Is peace another sweet myth, stronger than truth
Like a sugar cube thrust into your mouth
As the bitter medicine runs down the labyrinth
To keep you smiling in counterfeit faith
That the potion's acridness that you clearly loath
May be tamed to make things look all too smooth?

Mankind's frailty to shun defeat is too well known
For who has the gumption when his castles are blown
To smile in glee and not to writhe in pain?
Or sit apart and reason that your dreams are in vain
Whereas one look at Heavens above will make it so plain
Why do you let your pristine spirits groan and moan?

Is peace that we hear about, a middle class prejudice
To keep the shattered limbo poised in delicate balance
What those in religious robes preach you to seek in silence
Or something you embrace in fright to hide your disgrace
When shunned and spurned you rove from place to place
And in utter despair turn to seek in Buddha's mystic face?


Poetry is my desperate longing to get free from the trap
That winds around my mind and binds me to the crap
Of fleeting thoughts from buried past, giving me hard slap
Triggering sensations of pain and loss hard to escape

Poetry is my way of staring at the proud and the insolent
With a quiet faith that in resources of mind I'm no insolvent
That my heart, vigilant and vibrant, stays firm and unbent
And unyielding to insinuations that force me to relent

Poetry the tranquilliser that is ever ready to douse the fire
Of the smouldering anguish as menacing as funeral pyre
And smother embers feeding on crumbs of innocent desire
Allowing them to gather strength to seek and to ever aspire

Poetry is my soft, persistent and overwhelming urge to love
Winning over the coarse, petulant, domineering urge to kill
The divine bliss pouring forth drawing  from bounties above
Goading humanity with unfailing faith for its longings to fulfil


When I was born, India was an independent nation
My village resonated with teeming young population
Tales of the past blended with a new found jubilation
A fresh new thinking was in its first stage of formation
Here I was placed in an unprecedented situation
Struggling in my mind to hit on my calling, my vocation

We know education in India is a shot in the dark
It's only by chance one knows which career to embark
The dawn of seventies the situation was no less bleak
Lucrative careers for the young even harder to seek
Even schooling entailed putting livelihood at stake
Leaving farming many couldn't even to high school make

Of the few who took board exams from my village
Only I managed to make it to the distant college
On the day of my departure as dad did my baggage
He poured advice into my ears in a barrage
Cautioning me against possible goof ups of teenage
And not pick habits that would in village cause outrage

Thus I, from a quiet hamlet to a noisy city did move
All atremble, offered fervent prayers to powers above
That in the uncertain environs of city life they allow
A boy untrained in city's complex ways may yet prove
Unpurturbed by voices that sounded
inscrutably suave
May gain a foot fold, merge and for his sucess strive and thrive.

Prof. T. K. SATHYANARAYANA MURTHY is an M. A. M. Phil in English language and literature from Bangalore University and has served as Prof. and H.O.D., Department of English, as well as the Principal, of Vijaya College, Basavavanagudi, Bangalore. During his long career spanning over 3 and a half decades, he has actively engaged himself in reading and teaching English literature and language along with translating classics from European literature into Kannada. His articles and reviews on Hindustani Classical music are published in magazines and periodicals. As the Chief Editor of " Nadashree", souvenir brought out on the occasion of anniversary celebrations of Hindustani Sangeet Kalakar Mandali, Bangalore, he has written, edited and published erudite articles on different themes pertaining to Hindustani music. He has also been Chief Editor of "Vijaya", the annual college magazine of Vijaya College on several occasions. Recently two of his poems were published in an international anthology, " Shakespeare Sings" published by Farook College, Kozhikode, Kerala. Prof. Murthy currently lives in Bangalore, India.

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