Monday, May 1, 2017



I only smile at nature
Which gives me happiness
That never be forgotten
Till to die i keep in mind
Whereas to go to and from
For the nature i believe in
That existence of Almighty
I read in holy book
Never i miss to appreciate
He is the Greatest,the first
And the last of all
The nature seems for all
Not be separated form any lives
Like the water is useful for
The fire will be friend for us
And the flowers will be lovers
Even the jungles sing
While the mountains clap
The lakes flow to give a fresh
To thank for Him,the Creator
To pray for the success
From the time I was born
Till the corpse be in silent land
Nature might not be exiled
Hoping so as a principle
So as to learn from now and then
That might not be separated from
The lives be drawn up to the next


My desire is to grasp the love
You promise for one till trice
But never comes to reach my mind
Since you are the love
You are the moon of my heart
To give the lighting
Which never fades away
Let the sun knows how far my love be there
To give lightning till the sea is drying
And none of the winds blows my love
Since you are the fuel of my heart
As long this earth is not broken into pieces
As long as my breath is in yours
And only God knows
Of what it is in the lives of mine
For the sake of urging the love
Looks like snow to cover the truth


Nuclear speaks with no voice
But it spoiled the lives
If the man be in conflict
What nuclear seems to be?
It can't be imagined
How the dreadful sufferings be there
All hope would in the deep sea
The damage of lives will be growing
If there is no PEACE
Humanity is the mother of all
Since this world will be smiling
That the mankind is in justice
To acknowledge how it's danger is
No one can imagine
Let's see how dreadful atomic bomb
Be dropped in 1945
All of creatures were in damage
Why should killing be there?
Human right is just the same
No one is an excellent
In the eyes of Lord
It was created in the same clay
With the same holy soul to breath
That the final outcome be thought trice
Human beings are harmonious creatures
Let's keep friendship for the peace
And justice is the bridge of human right


How can i deliver the love
If your smile looks like an evil
With having no hope for
Mean while the life is like in a desert
Though never i stop doing an effort
Since the love shows precious
But not only once in life
Feeling disappointed is a must
If the love be regarded as useless
None of the lovers will run away
And the room of the love will be empty
So as to speak ,,,so as to speak,,,so as to speak


Let the sky be bright
As long as the wind blows up
With no storm in the twilight
And i will be waiting
Before the death arrives
I just sometimes keep with no smiling
Since the death will come suddenly
Not all the people know the secret
How long to travel in the world
And how far to walk is from a place to another
It is full of secret...
Let the sky be bright
As long as the breath is running
No body can resist
The breath we have in lives goes away
Except He,the Almighty stops it
Consciousness is a major thing to read
For the survival of living be there
In all over the world be found
That the poetic words so as to speak

Is it possible for the sun
to give a shining
If anything done is useless?
Supposed the mankind
is only to talk too much
For the next day is just the same
Mean while,all are ambitious
To grasp something in the night
Whereas it is too dark to gaze
No wonder if it is asked
For the lighting will be there always
That is something to be worry about
If the sun will go away
And nobody can resist
For it is a power to give brightness
We just merely see
And agree what it is being on


My dream never ends
With blooming season to feel
Since you are the flower of mine
And i used to water in the early morning
Never i forget till to die
For you are the skin of my flesh
That surely can not be urged
Once in a blue moon i dare say
That you are really flower of my hope
No others except
Because of the promise you planted
Never i miss in mind
My dream never ends
With blooming smile you give to touch
Day and night,is in my heart
Never forgot wherever i am


SIAMIR MARULAFAU was born in Nias,North Sumatra-Indonesia,May 17,1958. He is an Indonesian, his mother tongue is Indonesian language,and living in Medan,North Sumatra-Indonesia.He is a lecturer in English language and literature at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences,University of North Sumatra,Medan-Indonesia.He is a poet,short story writers.He has been writing many poems in English and Indonesian language and some of his works were published such as: “Humanity”(A Poem Anthology,2015); “Lighting”(A Poem Anthology,2016),etc.

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