Monday, May 1, 2017




Lap of the mother nature is my cosy bed
I love to rest peacefully in that loving lap
cuddling to the green  leaves with dew
The mountain top is my dreamworld
where I dream of eternal glow
from deep within !
the vast blue river being my worship place where I see mother Ganga
In her selfless love
calmly flowing to merge with the beautiful ocean !
The valley below the mountain is my hope
and resurrection to be with the universe
once again to enjoy my creator's craftsmanship !
In the ripples  I see the
beauty of water and the pebbles
I love to collect and count !
The colours of the pebbles give
me joy to my heart when I am
troubled and their sounds
wake me up from my sorrows !
The rainbows bring colour
to my face like rouge applied
to a young girls cheeks !
while the raindrops rejuvanating
my heart and soul sitting in the
valley of hope with dreams
In my autumn years !

©®sarala Balachandran


The romantic autumn breeze
With aroma wafting in the air
caressing my heart and soul
Looking out for you to come
and hold my hands with
tender love  in your soft eyes
Your love still speaks through
your glowing eyes like when
you were young !
Come alive once more the
gone past days of love
and sit under the beautiful
Golmohor tree and the pretty
flowers bathing our souls !
You in your tulip red saree
matching with your
grey soft tresses flowing
and swaying in the breeze
with your favorite lavender scent
wiping my sweat away !
The autumn love has its own charm
as our love has grown deeper
with years of nurturing
With the truthful hearts !
Listen to the soft ripples
from the nearby stream
and watch the birds flying home
to cuddle up in their nests !
Come and sit next to me
where the autumn flowers are
shedding in clusters
making a beautiful bed under
the tree  for you and me alone !

©® Sarala Balachandran

IF I WERE ......

If I were a bird
I would make a nest in your heart
To cuddle up inside you

If I were a bee
I would hum songs of love in your ears

If I were a butterfly
I would fan you with my wings

If I were an elephant
I will take you for a ride through the jungle

If I were a guitar
I would let you strum some melodies for you and me

If I were a piano
I would let you play the keys of our choice

If I were a veena
I would be in your lap
And you playing the
melodies of my  heart !


She started stringing pearls
of her memories
of different shades and sizes
Filled with emotions
As she sits and gazes at the sky above
The rush of memories tormenting her
The pearls of memories of
her childhood and youth !
She keeps humming her favourite tune
In her heart, trying to hide the tears
between her swollen eyelids !
Those pearls hide a lot of sweet
and bitter memories for her
lying under the shadow of her life
the ones she holds close to her heart!
She hears a cry of a child, a cry for his mother !
It was her little son's cry whom she abandoned at the threat of her
So called friends
because she was an unwed mother !
That gruesome night came to her like a graveyard dance when she was blackmailed
to have an intimate time with
a lusty man with rosy promises
and he disappeared never to return !
The mother in her sobbed nonstop bitter tears !
She ran fast to fetch her child
Alas ! She saw him floating
In a pond nearby !
She wept and wept cursing
The people who blackened her
Through their wagging tongue
And unsympathetic ways
And made her commit the sin
of abandoning her own offspring
Whom she nourished for few days
before laying him in front of a temple
with a weeping heart !
Now she is on a fight
to take revenge on her enemies
who caused her the lifelong misery!
She wiped her tears
and walked on, an endless walk
with determination to end
molestation of innocent women!
©® Sarala Balachandran


Beyond the beautiful waterfall
I walked alone with my dreams
Listening to the sweet ripples
soothing my heart and soul !
Yes it is this place I like to be with
In this chaotic world !
It's so beautiful to watch the
Fountains nearby with lovely
Shaded lights, lighting up my lonely heart !
Ah! They have changed the colours
Of the fountains
It's looking criss cross with
Lovely designs to suit the shades
How wonderful to walk along the
waterfalls and the fountains
after a long long time !
On the periphery of the hills there
my dream home is being built
just a little house, a wooden house
so beautiful it's going to be
with lovely mud pots for cooking
and earthenware beautiful
like I had in my village home
Reminiscing my childhood
thinking of my wooden house
on the periphery of the hills !
Come one and all my dear friends
Once it's completed
Waiting for a gala time
With country food and green
salads to keep our health in shape!
©® Sarala Balachandran


In our walk of life
We face love and hatred
Pleasure and pain
Gain and loss
Happiness and sorrows
We cry and laugh
Sometimes both at same time!
Sometimes a heavy heart
Sometimes always laughter
Sometimes we love colourful dress
Sometimes the basic black or white !
Sometimes we love solitude
Sometimes big crowds !
Sometimes we love to dress up
Sometimes crazy lazy 
with no style !
God made us strong
to face these different moods
Some fail in attempt
Some are tuned well !
Sometimes heavy rains
Sometimes only a drizzle
Sometimes dews stuck on leaves
Sometimes on flowers
Both beautiful for human eyes !
Sometimes we love the naughty kids
Sometimes we like to spank them !
He watches from above
Our different moods with a smile !

Our creator is awesome, isn't it ?

©® Sarala Balachandran


The soft rose petal I gifted you
Dripping with a lovers cry
The petal carries my loving heart
Only for the sake of you, my love !

Have you seen
The pen I bought for you
filled with my heart's blood red
Write a love letter to me my love
to soothe my aching heart !

Have you seen
The pendant I bought
It's kissed with the lovelorn lips of mine
Wear it on your tender neck
On a garland of love strewn with
The thread of my very heart
To feel my love for you, my love !

Have you seen
The anklets I gifted
Kissed with my passion
To pamper your lovely feet
painted with the colour of my heart!

Have you seen
The bed I made florets of my heart
sprinkled all over
to embrace us throughout
the night !

Dead and buried are the
hatred we had years back,
I buried them in the
dark frothy sea e, and let us bathe in the
heavenly pearly rain drops
like the downpour of our passion !
©® Sarala Balachandran


See me standing bare and ugly
Short and rough
Once I carried pretty leaves
and flowers and gave shades to lovers
Hand in hand they sat under my
loving shade !
Shedding me off my leaves pretty and green
Every now and then by the cruel human
I got frustrated in life to no ones know !
I shed tears quietly like a sad human
Who has been ripped off their clothes
and whipped with no mercies !
Passersby take note of me now
forgetting my golden days
When I stood on the majestic way,
beautifying the pathways
and making a flowey carpet for all !
Now I am the target of all
useless humans
who pin up their posts
on me, hammering nails on my
bare body ugly and hollow !
Carpenters come and fix a price
for my ugly yet strong body
to make fancy show pieces for the inhuman rich with no heart for the poor and suffering !
Even pretty birds have left me
as I am bare and rough with
no shiny leaves nor flowers
for their nestling !
I know my time is nearing
when I will be cut down mercilessly
Leaving my stump behind to rot
and say bye to this beautiful world
where I lived a fruitful life for many years on the majestic pathway !
©®-Sarala Balachandran


Come running, cuckoo of my heart
Give me a drop of loves nectar
Will you sing me a soulstirring
love song?
whom are you searching for In
the garden of love, my darling ?
Can you see in the moonlit light
the rajnigandha has bloomed
and spreading fragrance
all around me, standing alone
waiting for you, my love !
Have you forgotten me,
your childhood lover ?
Unable to control the feelings
Of my heart, comparing my feelings to the waves of the turbulent sea !
Who are you searching for my love
Will you tell me
In the beautiful garden of  love ?
Come and give me a drop of
loves nectar !
Who are you searching for
In the beautiful garden of love
will you tell me, my love ?
©® Sarala Balachandran


Lying under the blue azure sky
Breeze blowing away my silvery hair
The beautiful willows singing
Lullabies to the sleepy eyed, while
the birds having their last peck
of the day on the fruits sweet !
I get up to fetch my colours
And the blank canvas lying idle
to paint my life of soft pastel shades! !
I loved brick red most in my
youthful days
slowly shading down to brown
In my middle age  mature mind !
Loving the greens in different shades
With grass blades dew stuck
giving my mind a youthful feeling !
I enjoy watching the beautiful parrots flying around the guava tree spreading the sweet aroma but they have sung a goodnight song and sleeping in their nests !
Walking through the autumn forest
I slip into memories of the past
with nostalgia gripping my heart !
I lie down on the burnt brown golden leaves fallen under the tree
like a silken carpet
I bury my face into the beauty
of autumn,  humming a melody
holding you in my heart and soul !
Seeing you from afar
I get up and run to you for an
autumnal hug and pampering
of my silver threads !
Oh ! I forgot my canvas
both of us sat down
under the moonlight
with you holding my hand
while splashing different shades
of my choice, beautiful pastels !


SARALA BALACHABDRAN: Is a retired person was working with an import export organisation in the admin section Married with two sons aged 43 and 36' Lives in Kolkata West Bengal India

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