Monday, May 1, 2017



Not all you lose is a loss,
Not every milestone you need to cross.
Not all is worthy of your pain,
Not needed to start it all again.

Nothing and no one in life is indispensable,
Nothing and no one can make you unstable.
Nothing and no one can take you on a ride,
Nothing and no one can be your irreplaceable guide.

Never let anyone be your addiction,
Never fall prey to any false seduction
Never let anyone play with you,
Never trust all,coz true ones are really very few.



Sometimes I'm the mess,
Moody and fussy more or less,
Throwing tantrums and making lives hell,
Naughty like a monkey minus the tail.

Sometimes I turn to be a broom,
Making things clean and clear like a tidy room
Curtailing false desires and lame promises,
Healing away all painful scars and bruises.

But on a hard day I take a double role,
Because that's the way I reach the goal.
When I get struck in a messed up heart break
I become a strong broom to clear it up and give life a new shake.



There is a dark side of me,
Which sometimes I let to see.
Its evil and wicked,
Heartless,frozen emotions like a dead.

But then I feel you all have same,
That evil side which you cannot tame
It's hidden secretly with a masked face
Its all the same everywhere more or less.

Like the bright ,shining moon so high,
Sometimes it hides its face in the dark sky,
We all have a dark side ,
With fake ,bright smiles which we tend to hide.


Timeless thoughts of a winter's stare;
Eyes gazing over a landscape bare.
Memories drift on a blustery breeze;
Dying light ushers in the freeze.

Reaching out for a grasp on the present;
Stillness sets in,melancholic past what I meant.
Future unknown, outcome uncertain;
Brilliance shadowed by a mysterious curtain.

Path now set, laid before me known;
I am set to cross every milestone.
Keeping faith in prayers and hopes to forge forward until fulfilled,
On the basis of strength and values I have instilled.

Trusting in the almighty power above
My weary mind reflected on the realization of how blessed I am with love.
So now I can weather and wither,come what snow or rain,
And march forward to shine again.



May I live with ease
At peace,
In the dirty mud,
As a blooming bud,
Spreading out the petals with love and light,
Watching all with joy and delight.
In the muddy water,amidst the dirt,
Where the beautiful lotus takes birth,
But remains pure and serene,
Inspite of all dirt,nothing can make it unclean.
May I too remain as pure and true,
In my life's journey through,
Remain untouched by the evils around me,
May I shine with my innocence and let the world see,
That if you wish to stay as good and true as a lotus in muddy water,
Then you must try to make yourselves humans fine and better.


Some things leave it unsaid,
Till you are gone and dead.
For they stay with us forever,
Unforgettable now or never.

The silent gaps filled with voices,
Unsaid,unheard,but make so many noises.
We long forever to hear them out,
Arouses our curiosity and doubt.

Some emotions unexpressed with these unsaid words,
Some feelings died before they ever could be heard,
All say to speak your heart out,and clear all fuss,
But I feel things left unsaid stays forever with us.

SUNITA PAUL aka Nitasu laup is a published author, reviewer and secretary to  Deborah Brookes Langford, Wildfire Publications. She is based in Kolkata,India. Mother of two sons, Sunita is happily married. Author of Two books, namely INKED WITH LOVE ,STARS OF LIGHTNING, Sunita has also participated in several anthologies consisting of poetry and short stories. Sunita has a poetry group in Facebook , MY WORLD, where she also administers some other poetry groups. Presently Sunita is aiming at the completion of her upcoming novel. To get in touch with Sunita ,check her into @Sunita writes (personal blog)of Facebook.You get her books on Amazon and

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