Monday, May 1, 2017



...too far gone

a gap exists
between then and now
it is widening
as it swallows memories
of moments shared
sparing for now
the significant ones
but soon they
may succumb
to forgetfulness
and that is inevitable.

as the stars now glimmering
in the universe
in time will
lose their brilliance
into black holes
that too is inevitable.

time and space
may still be there
even as we become numb
to the cares of the world
even if we forget
our own names
perhaps our souls
will remain entwined
in a well appointed

we therefore
must seek the energy
of our beings
as we
breathe less fluidly
and think less lucidly
but still able to love
with compassion.

we take these moments
before everything becomes
too far gone.

nihneeq (musings before dawn '16)
Copyright: BQR 12/15/16

...the last moment

if there would just be
a few minutes left
as the scenes of my journey
come streaming fast in my mind
that vision when two strangers
kept moving from bench to bench
seeking shelter in the shades
of trees to avoid the glaring sun
would present its significance.

one heart smitten with desires
the other in tune with the
“life is short...”

twin souls birthing
a new beginning
meeting in the halls
of timelessness
as spontaneous adventures
filled emptiness
and solitude
took on
to the richness
of unconditional bonding
compassion expressed
deeper than what it seemed
and all these would come
to pass.

if there would just be
a moment left
before my sight dims
i would  have
just enough time
to whisper words
left unsaid
“i love you...”
as i enter the Light.

nihneeq (reflections '16)
Copyright: BQR 12/30/16

...the finish line

not far away
is the finish line
the track has covered
the bare hills
the restless waves
the thicket
the fresh meadow.

the air
at times
thick and heavy
in some.

the sadness
the fears
the doubts
all dissipating
as life's lessons
sink in
the breath of love
the touch of humility
have covered
all the tracks.

time ticks on
with the same beat
often hectic
yet the huffing and puffing
when the leisurely walk
savouring the blessings
with gratitude.

no trophy to attain
significant enough
just crossing
the finish line
of one's purpose
in life.

nihneeq(reflections '17)
Copyright: BQR 03/18/17


Benedicta Q. Ruiz As a young girl, Benedicta Ruiz, nee Quiaoit enjoyed writing verses about nature, and short stories on relationships. She was born in Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines and attended elementary and secondary schools in her hometown. She was chosen as Editor of her high school newspaper where she honed her writing skills.

Benedicta is fluent in Ilocano, the regional dialect and Pilipino, the national language but she writes mostly in English being the medium of instruction in schools.

During her college years in Manila, she wrote for her school magazine and became the Editor in Chief during her senior year. After living, studying and working in the U.S.A. for a while, she returned to her hometown and became an instructor of a state university. Later on she immigrated to Canada where she now lives as a citizen. While working as an Early Childhood Educator in Manitoba, she continued to write for personal expressions. In addition to poetry, she wrote memoirs and fictional novels all awaiting to be edited for possible publications.

Now retired she combines her passion of writing with her love for travelling. She has more time   to review and reflect on her journey of life and her works have shifted from personal growth to mindfulness and spirituality.

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