Monday, May 1, 2017




In a star strewn lonely Night
My thoughts fly to kiss the hearty blue
Spilled aroma I hold in Palm
Sprinkle every drop of its
Over the thorny buds
And die out petals
As elusive as scent the aches transform
In the waves of my thoughts
A fountain of music thus
Resonates with everlasting tunes,a melodious haze
Breaking the numbness of heart
Spin me in the ageless hours
Crowed with divine syllables
A puse I become

In my inner house
An immortal flame wraps me
Burning all my skin,skeleton,passion and lust
I swell and grow
An essence deep I inhale
Resurected and bloom

I Walk on the lonely night
Black bird dies
Before the day boiled wild
I hold the life tight before it becomes a close file
©Satya Pattnaik


I will die one day
Cloud will move across my sky
With bags full of rain
Bird’s feathers and butterfly wings
Fly in vain
White rose will console the red rose
Not to soak in tears
I will be no more in the house
No prick will disturb me
No thorns will kill the flowers of heart
Around the body I will be no more
I will be in safe embrace
A shiny soul I will be
A bonfire and a kiss of the burial ground
I will become
©® Satya Pattnaik


In every divine spell
Passion of soul speaks
Colours of inner-self
Compose the unison

Traversing the wounds and pains
Of mundane lines
Ecstasy of eternity
Like a cup of elixir
Entraps the mind and body
Transforms all the desires
With its signature
To seek the world within

We leave the cry and crowds
Crawl into the depth
Explore the art of life
Embrace the heart of music
Die outside to live within

SATYA PATINAK: Is from Odisha state,a bilingual poet, short story writer, playwright, academician. Over the past three decades ha has been with the passion of writing. Many articles and poetry have been published in various magazines and have widely been acclaimed by the readers specially the nuances and Precision of his creativity and word play. He has earned his Master degree from Visvabharati University, Santiniketan in literature 1980. His Published anthology: 1.DO NOT SELL THE SPRING (poetry) English 2.Nadee saha ekaa ekaa gapa Poetry collection in ODIA(LONELY CONVERSATION WITH RIVER) 3.Andha Rutura Phula .Short story collection in Odiya( Flower of a Blind season ) 4.One One Act Play and two plays are on pipelines of publication.

AWARDS: Rabindranath International Award for English poetry 2015 Few state and regional level awards and felicitations The philosophy behind his writings is “To live or not to live. Nothing permanent what the mundane behavior claims only the spiritual bliss transforms everything divinely. It is always within oneself. It is to be explored extending one’s heart and soul absolutely beyond body. “So is his idea and he lives to it through his words and with his poetic sensibility. He is not judgmental about life at all. He composes the chorus of beginning after every conclusion. So he is passionately creative. Exploration is his philosophy

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