Monday, May 1, 2017




Lett this festival of light make your life bright
Everywhere we see the hanging lamps of hopes and dreams
But you always aim at the themes and the creams.
You have lit the lamp of knowledge
In its glowing brightness, I acknowledge-
The life of serenity, truthfulness and open-mindedness
Will surely lead us to the path of boldness
At all ages and at all times and in all the countries of the world
Great Men have lived for values and ethics
They alone can build the basics of civics
The life of ideals is always greater than the actual
In this short and sweet life you meet the crucial!

Allr rights reserved@ Rekha Mandagere


I like to fly
High, very high
Right to the Utmost Top
Where, rests endless blue pop
Where only angels smile
And dances to the heavenly harp
Forbidden from the noisy rest
Eternal bliss welcomes me
To enjoy the serene silence at best
And I wish only to see
The height of the heaven’s full moon!

I like to swim
Low, very low
To the ocean’s deepest point
And is forbidden from terrible tides
There, rests a bed of precious coral reds
And a heap of worldly wealth willfully smiles
The holy water gently kisses
By sprinkling pearls around my face
Greets me to feast and rule the sea
But I modestly say
Just came to feel the pulse of depth!

Now I deeply desire to meditate
Deep very deep
Below the depth of blue waters
Far away from mad thoughts
To a place which is not a habitat
Should lead me to the gate way
That ensures me peace and solace
From where I can grasp the lace
Of all human miseries arise
And I wish to seek joy and relief
Moving in the path of holy belief!

All rights reserved @ Rekha Mandagere


Blessed to be born in this country of old root
Blessed to avail warmth and sun rays throughout
Blessed to be listening to the tunes of Vedic chants
Blessed to breathe the air of fragrance
Of flowers of myriad hues and scents
Blessed to be caressed by the cadence
Of cascading angelic music
Blessed to be a part of cult of tolerance.

Blessed with love and warmth at home and hearth
Blessed to share cheerful smiles of loving children
Blessed to share space with loving friends
Eager to partake in every joy and grievance
Blessed with a flair for culture and art
And love and concern filled in the heart
Never a dull moment in a country of diversities
May God bless with such a life to all!

All rights reserved @


REKHA MANDAGERE wife of Prof.T.K. Sathyanarayana Murthy and mother of T.S. Suchinth living in Bangalore, India and also travel to US extensively. She has done masters  in 1.English Literature  2. Teacher Education and  has worked as a Teacher Educator in B.T.L. College Education, Bangalore University and also also worked as the head of English Academy and developed English Language Lab at her college. She conducted Seminars, Community Living Camps and educational tours. My hobbies are reading, music, social work and writing poetry. She has travelled extensively in US. Her poems on various topics are already published in International Anthology of poetry series 'THE ART OF BEING HUMAN' and also in THE GUST OF WITS. She has done collaborative writing 'Brodacia' with a Malaysian writer. She's  honoured to be one among 36 writers who contributed for OPA in your last published Special anthology for establishing peace and harmony by defeating Racism. Her next set of 3 poems are also published in OPA November 2016 web Journal. Recently her poem 'On Shakespeare' has been published in an International Anthology 'Shakespeare Sings' was released at Farook Autonomous College, Calicut. She's  hereby  pleased to give  3 more poems for your upcoming special edition for Asian writers.

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