Monday, May 1, 2017




Memories that I seek to forget
flicker like ember in a grate
singeing my moribund life
escaping on a clamber.
Hankering flames emanate
undeniable affinities in heart's chamber.

Silver moon slowly consumes my dreamy eyes
night, in its mystic essence gets ready to thrive.
Bygones slither into my cold blanket,
hide, refusing to say good bye.

I try to push them out
But they stand their ground  profound,
I refuse to give a hideout
still they choose to stick around.

My fond heart in darkness yonder
come sweeping, a moment of surrender
I embrace the its darkest corner
Hoping there's light beyond the tenebrour.

The night's sparkles go behind sunlight's shade.
dropping my tears on grass blades
tomorrow ensues uncertainty in brighter hues
memories gnaw in impetuous rue
biting each drop of frozen dew.

I begin to wonder
why they don't say
go lay...Your own way!
Why want to cradle me to my grave?


Had a dream redolent
with no quantum claim
of rhapsody in averment.
An intangible presence
in vehemence
envelope few evanescent moments
in sensuous ardor.
In a semitone
in night's whisper...
moan together
with the Moon and the Zephyr.
Voice unvoiced thoughts...
break prolonged silence...
vouch veracity...cognizance...resilience.
An apparition, a mystery ...
In beatific intimacy
in a realm of scarlet insulation
we sparkle in undiscovered potential.
Traverse few miles
in blessed communion
drifting to a utopian destination
...swelling passion in a lunar sile,
sweep us to an AMORE isle.
Recollection brings back a cherishing smile.


The most tantalizing elixir
impelling to eternal damnation
An expert alchemist's perfect potion
Lethal proportion,for my bodily constitution.

Beat me , each cell and a soul
to keep up to, the rhythm
of your own pulse.
Don't let me go,damn me with those eyes
Let this pain live...a few seconds more.

Let me bleed , as I steal
Beguile, your enthralling charm
in a noxious deal, sealing my fate
in a barter, with now ebbing time
And your concealed hatred.
Don't hurry this decline!

Watch the unspoken understanding,
in my gleaming eyes
Elucidating your enigmatic smile
as I dwindle by the second

One last drop... let me drink
from my lovers flask
Dripping sly, those magical eyes
That can make, this sweet tormenting moments last.


NANDITA SAMANTA: Nandita's mother language is Bengali. She is from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. A science graduate and an ex- teacher. A multilingual poet, short story writer, painter and a dancer. She spent her childhood in different states which enriched her literary journey. Her writings are published in various International and national anthologies, magazines, webzines, and journals .She writes on vivid themes that are based on her observations on life , love, ambition, nature, culture, folklore ,mythology etc.

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