Monday, May 1, 2017




When the moon stretched out its head in the gap between the clouds
The white light makes a silver world
The old hometown does not snow
Looking down the street from the second floor window
Street lights painted yellow on the brick surface
Street tree channeling high from the darkness
Leaves all fell due to the cold winter
Distorted branches towering into the sky
Songs of blessings come from far away
With the wings of imagination
simple-hearted leading the ride on the colored dragon
The wind whistled in the ears
The scaly claws of the dragon scratch the clenched hands
Candy hanging in the waist
By socks loopholes fall out
One second
Has been fleeing into the top of the cloud
Screaming over the head of Mom and Dad
Too late to lift their heads
They will be crazy shouting
Where to get the red boots
They must then pray
Let our baby daughter slow down


Into the front of the yellow dirt road
Vaguely, appear a corner of the old home
Under the red cream tile
Parent’s figures less one
In a spirit of fear back home
With joy and miss
Playing barefoot, yellow soil is so sticky
Mother's call even in the ears with the slightest reverberation
Like the dream before wake up

Butterflies still visit the Michelia in our courtyard
Blankly memories, that year the Michelia celebrate with bearing a red fruit for my for my birth
The only one red fruit
Mother always said that's my baby
I could not help but giggle giggle laugh
Until today, finally know that the original sinking fruit actually is my mother
Michelia no longer bears
Just like
That yellow butterflies are still visiting the Michelia
Always silently, Facing at each other with me


The invitation does not have to be stamped
Autumn, in that cold night
Locust stop sounds
Never seen you leave the backyard
You just like to pretend not to see
The pair of hands that have been waving in the fog
Shaking the bright shiny beauty
With the branches swing like a little urchin
You stop above that Michelia figo
With a smile on
Of course I know
By asking dawn
You try to provoke the dancing Graphium agamemnon
And I have to admit
This invitation with a little scheming
Trying to cheat you in
Obviously know
You can’t survive too long under the sun
How so you do not know to hide
It seems the joviality in life
Already, all in your naughty blink
I finally figured it out
Why repeatedly refused my invitations
My heart can’t help but look forward to
One day
You’ll make use of the frost night
You will sneak up the tip of my eye


Is so not like
Take the loud and clear to show off
Beautiful girl walked by
Graceful waving
As confide the sound of the heart under the summer heat
Whirr, Whirr, Whirr, Whirr, Whirr

Five Strings
Under the tension in the power conversion
Put all that boring be suppressed into the high-pitched
The sound comes from the bottom of the throat
Spit to the air so leisurely
So hard, not declare your heart hidden in the summer
Keng, Keng, Keng, Keng, Keng

Starving the stomach, all for the resonance
Waiting for the high-order sound of the airflow
Poinciana color turned to a single
Blossoming down let the street red everywhere
Could this summer has been burning out the next voice
Om, Om, Om, Om, Om,

Singing a song belonging to the sun
Blow on the stage to show off, Step by step
One page of parting poems
Completely naked confession
Tears on the corners of the eyes
Why need to wait for the instructions of the summer
Why need to wait for the temptation of the summer

In The Dream, The Rainbow Does Not Sleep

Time passes
Try to maintain the same lengths of the grid
Such serenity does not contradict Einstein's cognition
A mountain edge touches the sunset
Cold in the red-hot
When the first light is covered
Driving the distant color clouds
Bringing down drizzle constantly
The light that penetrates the top corner of the window
Stretching at different angles of refraction
Arch bridge-like a rainbow
Call the colored dragon to ring
My window that never closed

Sitting on the dragon's dorsal fin
Tight scales protect me from pain
That silhouette soars up into the sky just like lightning
Just all of a sudden comes on the top of the rainbow
Such as Newton’s ideal world can’t find the friction
Only that fine silk clothing
Makes every effort to shout in the air
In an attempt to prevent the falling down of the figure
With equal acceleration
To reach the terminal speed detached from the surface

When I fall in at the bottom of the clouds
Pray that gravitation will not forsake me
The quality is a very customary joke
Only let myself return to the dream again
Can no longer hear
Galileo's boast
Break through Aristotle’s defense with wisdom
Where can I find?
The illusion of literature
Where to find scientific endorsement


The airflow came in a hurry
Along with the ups and downs
Is both the pressure and buoyancy
While arriving together in that moment of throwing
Just like
A knight good at using the situation
Fly about, carefree, willful and at liberty
My face is so pale
My silhouette is so thin and weak
However, I am pretending to free and easy

Deliberately staggered polyline
Encourage wy body like
That frog desperately inspiratory
So that I can indulge in histrionics
Mediate among that turbulence
Flying over the heads of the crowd
Absorbed the screaming sounds
When far from the madding crowd
Even if the purpose is not known
Even if do not know when to land
As you can get a trip

With a little bit of regret
Forgot to bring the blessing of children
With a little bit of desire
Do not disturb the butterflies flying around the flowers
But do not need to be afraid
Before the dew on the grass drenched my wings
There is always a pair of little hands
Will come to catch my falling body
Laughing full of the valley
As has just come here
Once again blowing me high and distant


The sky
Misty black
Soul buried deep in the forest trying to find a way out
Half Flapping and half climbing
Sound attacking on the top of the hill
Standing on one foot as a swelled head peacock should do
This seat
No one even think about to grab
Hel! Hel! Hel!

Choose a sideways angle
The first dawn
Shoot at my crown
Until revealing red
Along the wings that have fully opened
My eyes watch intently at those mortal under my feet
Absorb the breath of worship
from all things
Hel! Hel! Hel!

Why stare at me in this way
Do I
need to be just like you
To pick up
That few rice left in the grain tank
Do not pretend that you can’t hear anything
My cry forever and always
Hel! Hel! Hel!


Beautiful body beside curly hair
Breast, The world is so sensitive
Induced love in the passion
Naked Mirage, under the pituitary gland
One by one
Look at the moving face with excitement
Keep up
A deeper temptation await
Completely surrender and unable to extricate themselves
Born too early so much
Mother-like supple
No intention to be your lover
Completely melted in the mouth, One day
Only when the infinite passion
Love is bleak, floating in the air
Before sealing
Has been living in the perceptual illusion


Out of the window
The white layer upon layer
Is a cloud or a fog
Causing waves of debate
That cup of tea old friends handed up
The cup is boiling hot and small
A burst of light white smoke
Did not cause anybody's attention
We two can only occupy the corner to feel ourselves wronged, produce a forced smile

In this halfway up the mountain
Not high enough
Even the immortals are disdain to stay
That is the outside of the window
The wind rolled over and over again
Gone up
The people full of the house is only chasing out
All the cheers
Were kidnapped by the camera on the neck
In the panic, gradually away from
Gradually away from among the noisy

That corner
Even more lonely
We both look at each other to drink
Completely indifferent
That tea kettle
Has long been cooling
We found the answer in silence
That the whole white vast out of the window
Are clouds but not


That tide
infested waywardly my sandy beach
Sunset's advice
With red eyes
No day to let off
In the past ten million years

Those ungrateful westerlies
Always secretly come and also secretly go
To turn
The giant fan of that wind power tower
For the confrontation between man and nature
Do not say a word

Packed up
the nets that were hanging around
Do not understand in heart
How to deal with the questions of the little fishes
that desolate wind
Those thin meshes can arrest that cold
before jump into the sea

Dr. TZE-MIN TSAI was born in 1957 in Taiwan (Republic of China ), he is An Associate Professor at Asia University, Taiwan., holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and an M.S. in Applied Mathematics. He is equal affection in science, mathematics and literature. Furthermore, he is a columnist for several poetry journals in his country. His poems have been translated into more than a dozen languages, published in many countries and has received numerous awards for his poetical and narrative works. His most important creative ideas, has always been the praise of nature, advocate human peace and chase self-psychological growth.

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