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Chosen one! I crane my neck gracefully

I rise above the flat roofs.

Slow hail clouds are floating

along the blue, inaccessible to all who breathe.


Upside down heart - joints - completely dislocated

with the coldness of a raven, with the posture of a warrior,

respectfully in "you"

Because they are made by the Creator with the best materials!


The chosen ones are a fairy tale with a deep background.

The chosen one has to get used to thoughts:

There are few honest people. Flow of currents.

Sweetness of the flatterers and the poison of the envious!


The chosen one still believes in love

firmly following the path of benevolence,

peace, goodness and incorruptible sanctuaries.

Isn't a diamond more valuable than a pile of stones?


The chosen ones who touched the heights with their spirit,

who are independent of the noisy crowd,

who await the Messiah and are thirsty for missions,

they will not be called "Bravo", they will not be shouted "Bravissimo".

Well fed and hungry people, open and closed souls.

Friends are not available - their views are different,

cards that are defeated by another card are out of the game

the chosen ones are struck by the fact that they do not look like the others.


The chosen are flogged because they are not equal in heart,

The chosen are flogged because they are not equal in souls!

It's hard for the chosen ones to find warmth in society

and transmit their thoughts to those who ignore them.


The chosen one is an upstart! All those who are not with the crowd,

are sent into exile to the north, resettled,

they are punished, robbed and, as an example:

The main ones are hanged, as if they were promoted!


The judges go crazy, setting stupid tasks:

Turn flats and hills into plains!

Our choice is our strength,

it is impossible to take by attacks and cunning.


The scoundrels screamed to rip my soul out.

They are wrong, monsters, in the conclusions:

Not all birds are owls, not all animals are otters.

Not all meat is udder, not all deduction is profit!


I will not change my status as "chosen"

So they don't torture me!

I will not betray my choice because having been born,

I bathed my soul and body in Baptism! ...


Scoundrels screamed and tried to rip my soul apart,

this act is a challenge to the Almighty!

I will endure torture without cowardice.

Suffering is better than anything, asking is unnecessary...


Translation: Marlene Pasini (Mexico)


Reliability And Hope

(Fragment of the "Sweet martyr" poem)


Reliability and hope are two sisters,

similar on the outside, different inside.

When one of them leaves the game

removes the protective layer that protected personality.


The second, taking her by the arm,

saves someone who thought was a recent winner,

And, as a garment of love and fidelity, -

she will be willing to accept the death of the last.


Reliability is not a lifesaver.

It is not a rope that holds a person to avoid the death,

the safety rope can break.

And throw the person into a hope without hope.


I didn't get in my way

very strong and invincible.

Even those that are hard and strong like metal

they are broken by life: a cruel machine!


It's great to live with a spouse behind a shield,

while the spouse is aligned and the shield does not break:

Palace, crown, luxury, but then...

wet basement like the Ipatiev house.


Translator: Marlene Pasini, Mexico


A Fragment From The Poem

"The Sweet Martyr"


What nonsense- partitions of territories

into countries, that one of the Norwegians and this, the Finns!

They will cut the land and live in discord!

Madmen! Of whales, sharks, dolphins, and what else could be

Everything is common in all areas of the sea!


People in ranks, in the report card they divide

fragmenting our world into countries, side by side

Draw maps; Tell me which is deeper, Elba or Laba?

Tell me which is older, Yuryev or Tartu? smells reek

They crush and divide to humiliate the weak!


I'm a girl and it's not easy for me to survive

and on a man’s shoulders rest slant and keep alive.

We murmur like goldfinches in a burning grove,

seeking protection in the guards of the brave.

We pray to the power to save the living powers!




ALEXEY KALAKUTIN: (October 30, 1973) lives in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. He is a Russian writer, a philologist. He studied at the Philological Faculty of Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University. His debut publication is "Khokhloma Pattern", 1990 (fairy-tale novel for children) co-authored with E.V. Kalakutin. He is the author of six novels in verse, and and six long and extensive poetic pieces. His poetry has been translated into several languages and have been published in international magazines. He was awarded the 1st degree diploma (PWUR) for high professional skills. International Ambassador for Peace (WLFPH, Bhutan), Honorary Doctorate (IFCH, Morocco), participant in several international poetic anthologies, awarded with certificates of recognition.

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