Saturday, April 1, 2023



A meeting


When I met you, tears began to flow

by themselves, I turned and saw a woman.

 I looked after you for a moment,

 I don't know how many times,

  in my heart I say, goodbye!


On yours face I read sadness 

My heart trembled and tears flowed, 

with all my strength, I started down the street.

It was difficult,

 because next to you, I saw another woman.


And when they ask you about me, say,

she wanders the streets of the city.

 Just don't say because of us,

 are still suffering my and your soul.




Кад те сретох, суза сама крену,

 окренух се и видох једну жену.

На тренутак погледах за тобом,

 не знам више по који пут,

 у души кажем, збогом!


На лицу твоме прочитај тугу.

 Задрхта срце и сузе потекоше,

скупих снаге, низ улицу кренух.

Тешко беше, јер ја поред тебе,

 видох другу жену.


А кад те буду питали за мене,

реци, лута улицама града,

само немој рећи да због нас,

 моја и твоја душа страда.




Bells were heard in churches,

and there is no other in this city.

I drowned in my pain,

and for long time. only dreamed of you


I don't care that the bells are heard,

that there is no mosque in the city.

My pain is enough for me,

I don't need problems additional .


I often get teary-eyed,

 because of love lost and

  an old wound hurts me,

like from those long-ago days.




Звона су се на црквама чула,

а у овом граду другог и нема.

 Ја сам у свој бол утонула

а само о теби дуго сањала.


Није ме брига што се звона чују,

што џамија у граду нема.

Мени је мога бола довољно,

 не треба ми додатних проблема.


Често мени суза крене,

због љубави изгубљене,

 заболи ме стара рана,

ко из оних давних дана.




MAHIJA DEMIROVIĆ – DOLOVAC: was born in 1966 in the village of Potreb, municipality of Tutin. She finished primary school in Delimedja, high school in Novi Pazar, and a higher medical circuit in Sarajevo and Germany. She is married, the mother of two sons and two grandchildren. She lives and creates in Frankfurt am. She published a collection of poetry, Koracam",,I,m walking,, Pain of MY SOUL"and in many anthology.



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