Saturday, April 1, 2023



The Meaning Of Life


Knock, knock, knock,

in my sleep my heart wakes me up,

in my soul stands a star frog that judges me.

Cre, cre, cre, my mind is strangely confused

he wants to pay me for the meaning of life.


First day with a silver ring rings,

Second, a pile of gold coins falls in front of me,

The third carries tons of diamonds.


And the heart is as big as a sea,

he is looking for love, looking straight up.

And this big soul, on two continents, is growing,

understanding loves, wealth does not stick.

But the mind, it collects the Universe whole

he fights for freedom with every part of him.





ANETA VELKOSKA:  MACEDONIA. Aneta Velkoska was born in 1978. She lives and works in Macedonia. Work experience: professor, TV journalist, librarian, writer. Winner of awards for poetry, prose, drama: poetry book of the year, state award for essay, best drama script of a festival, first award in the world for Esperanto culture, special award for the traveling theater "Savages", with students, awards from the area of education and science. Acts: What Annoys Eternity (2001), Are All Gods Romantic (2004), First Macedonian lexicon (2004), The second love of the stone (2009), The Giantest Dwarf and the Dwarfest Giant (2010), Bad Yin and Good Yang (2018), Endless Frame (2019). She writes drama and film scripts. She makes creations from natural materials. Likes mountaineering, photography, occult sciences. She is the author of several multicultural projects.


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