Saturday, April 1, 2023



Wake Up


The sky cries together with us,

and we are to this late hour.

What creates this mess?

from each empty bottle, various plastics,

 smoke, spread the smell is intoxicating,

 suffocates the lungs.

we're constantly throwing poisons,

 where fruit trees grow

smoke poisoned by waste.

 kill flora and fauna

and the white lungs of trees destroy Our health,

fruit, fill them with toxin,

poison water and our cosmic sky,

 Look calm, instead of the

blue sky, we paint all, in black,

 make our children drunk

in a deep sleep of our nasty madness!


You Are


You are the reason of my happiness

 you are my eternal guardian

You are my right hand

the pillar on which I resist

 and sometimes I fall...

You are the reason of my happiness

 you are my best gift

 I'm sad without you

 when, you're not next to me

 I have no peace at all

I am sad every night and day.

You are the reason of my waiting,

the helmsman of my ship

 I await your arrival in the long night

when the wind blows, I think you've arrived.

You are the reason of brightness, the sun of my sky

 it's empty without you

 all nights are too long in all my dreams

 I see you, my love

You are the reason I live,

dream and hope for your arrival,

the nights are cold

I'm awake without you unhappy.


Thunder & Lightning


Open the door to see the glow, when the rain falls quietly.

 Hear the strings of the drum from the sky,

don't be afraid he is better than a musician ...

Look at the light in the cloudy sky how he stretches his arms,

how they hug, with a friend_ country

Make love on this planet ours.

Be happy, play a round as big,

coloured like thunder & lightning together.

They awaken us, they call,

do not be afraid, our drop of dew tickles

 your body and plays with your fingers in your hair,

and you raise your hands to the sky, you pray

 this crazy happiness to stop, it was a long with us...

Don't close your eyes when the drum beats,

the radiance from the sky shines.

Enjoy and watch when I love you

I don't break, you hear me when I shout out loud,

I love you .... e e

Open your eyes .. When the clouds

and the light meet like our honey love

Don't be afraid, hug me hard

 and kiss me while the rain_ hair wets me, while you kiss me

We rub our hair with our fingers, hug it tightly

 she is not afraid of my love ...!!!


You weren’t who

You are not a lost swallow looking for your old nest

 the rest on my windows.

You are not a dryd rose with red petals

which fell and covered the green grass like a carpet!

You weren't who?!

You are not a discarded cigarette that I hate from the bottom of my soul.

You are not a broken branch, a linden tree from a strong storm.

You are not the dried-up source of our river, which I always remember well

You are not a watch destroyed by time...

You, you are not the moon behind the hills at sunset!

You weren't who!?

You are part of my sky in these days of mine, lit by the sun,

decorated with rainbow pastel colors!

You are my swallow every spring chirping playfully at my old window.

You are my most beautiful red rose in my yard!

You silence my smile and sighs from the soul, the touch of your lips!

 You are my most beautiful fragrant branch, linden tree in the park!

..You are my inexhaustible source when you laugh and get angry!

You silenced the clock, the beating of my heart,

 as long as I exist! You are my yellow - full moon in the vastness of the sky!

You weren't who?!You are my day and night, my joy and longing,

 nothing can drown our happiness

hit by waves or storms!!I am with you, until the end,

 And with you, my life has built the most beautiful architectural work.




SABAHETA ETA MERSIMI, born 1956 living at village Zitose _ North Macedonia, married, mother of 4 lovely children’s and 7 grandchildren. Pensioner, humanist, BORKA, for human rights of women. and marginalizing groups in rural area. Her hobbies from an early age are reading, writing poetry, creativity, Hobby writing. First participation in the anthology " Dance with death & quot, and then, regjale, Opa June 2021,, reseetrese 21 ,,, International Festival_Gostivar ,, Prayers 1200 ,, and the first independent Collection of Data Poetry, called ,, Imagination ,,. great enthusiast, sociability communicativeness, tirelessness, optimistic outlook on life rejoices and is satisfied with small things, draws themes and her inspiration is imagined 1st from the life of each individual, life, through encounters Communications come deep from the soul Painted on pieces of paper.


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