Saturday, April 1, 2023



Joy Of Illumination


Over the river

Over the bridge

Over cornfield

Over the lakes

Flight, I take


Over foot-path

Over urban city

Over gardens

Over train lines

Over tram lines

Flight, I take


These are tit-bits of our small life

Sensitive use of them I like

Life complex to core

But they be part life’s store


Me a poet Pegasus grips me

Poetics urge me to compose poetry

All sprawling tit-bits my inspiration

Writing on table I turn them into

Panoramic illumination

For life’s inspiration.


Mysterious Prison


We stop anywhere

If imagination balks

May be in market and on road

On bank of river or sea shore


Or even at home

Left alone

From room to bland zone


Sans imagination

Mood, idea and soul ticking

Nothing done, dawn to dusk

In night-fall alone dusky home

we redux beats of imagination

Being in mysterious prison

we garner recovery


Even on wings of fairy

Though imaginary.


Blocked In Mists


Housing boundary

Cause of irritation

Felt I were in prison

Started sprinting beyond border


Early dawn

Golden sunrise

More peeved

Smashing external bumps


But freedom still betrays

What I dreamt

Standing on crossroads

No Godot would come, I know

Like Alice I run

To keep standing

Housing boundary shadows

Open mind


Soon the image gulped down

In heavy wintry mists

Rest be imagined.




ANUSHNA BISWAS: Doctorate in English from University of Calcutta, Former Lecturer in Dept of English Rabindra Bharati University Distance Education, Literary Critic and Poet, penned down many books of literary criticisms on fictions, as a poet contributed to Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Dumpster FirePress: Voices From Fire, The Kali Project published by Indie(Blue) Publishing House, Pennsylvania, US and many other International Online Poetry Journals, Awarded Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation by Global Poetry Forum, Nigeria and United Poets@Heart UPAH, Paris, France.

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