Saturday, April 1, 2023



The Fragrance Of The Petals


I've been waiting for you since sunrise

In horizons, unknown to man,

I accompanied you with the angel

You sat over plains and valleys.


A desire burns inside me

To be in another era with you

Let's embrace a better world.

I write poems on your eyelids,

Dew flows from my wet eyes.

I took from the colors of the rainbow,

I paint your diaphanous face,

My dear, never forget me.


I know you are an empress

Far away in a world of our own

Weaving a veil of stars,

Put it my way so that

I don't feel alone.


I see you in the white of my eyes

And charmingly pigmented by you,

On a lace of your green,

And brown drops from my eyes,

In nostalgic dreams, o innocent,

I sent you my burning love.


Oh! When, I die one day, please cover

Me with fragrant flower petals.

When the wind tears them mercilessly

Let the snowdrops and

The violets laugh at him.

We will see each other

And we will be happy always.

© Daniela Marian


The Golden Azure


Gold of sea and sky

Are a like a blue cloak

They are the wings of the smooth wind

Is a spring season,

He lends his magic,

from the golden sand,

and glide on the wave.

It's charming and all is shiny.

The fantastic azure landscapes.


Two young men are waiting,

they hug each other tightly,

and sitting on a rock

they can see the steep banks.


I look at the far away horizon,

beyond of line,

let a ship of gold come,

In this night with a mast.


Let the white flag fly,

Let the seagulls come in the evening,

I will to serenade them, to the young,

An anthem of "I love you",

From earth to sky,

To return again and again.

© Daniela Marian


Spring Love


Spring love is like balm,

She is the best friend,

She weaves your day with happiness

To give comfort to the sick out of your love,

To soothe their pain and tears,

They will not forget you in their thoughts.

Do not expect rewards from the poor.

Look to the sky, there is a master above,

And he won't owe you anything.

let your love flow smoothly

She is a spring that does not dry up.


Love and friendship are joy

To give is an emblem of yours,

It doesn't have the power of a day,

It's more than that.

Your soul is a ray of infinite light,

She never dies.

The night, the stars and the moon,

They don't argue, they watch your sleep.

© Daniela Marian




DANIELA MARIAN The author Daniela Marian is from Romania and has been passionate about poetry and painting since childhood, being inspired especially by nature; native music of peoples, classical music, social life, etc. Publications: She published five volumes of copyrighted poetry. She received numerous prizes for poems; She published another volume of poems with a university professor from India and another volume of poems with a writer from the Albanians Community; She published in numerous magazines and anthologies in the country and abroad with several Romanian and foreign authors with whom she collaborated excellently; She is a member of national and international several literary organizations; It is a member of UNESCO and other caries foundations; She is a graduate of university and post-graduate studies; She works at a state university and doesn't mix work with hobbies.


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