Saturday, April 1, 2023



A Circus Ant


It's hard.

I make up jokes to cheer everyone up.

My eyes are shining.

I'm losing my voice.

I want to scream.

I fail…

Give me space.

Leave me alone.

I want to get over it alone.

It's a bit much for me.

I want closure.

I want to get lost.

To be gone.

Never to return.

And you?

You are missed nonstop.


From Him


You are alone?

Do you need me?

Are you looking for me?

I always come.

When haven't I been here?

I show up.

And I disappear.

I watch you grow.

I see you are maturing.

I watch what you turn into.

I always give you time.

You have me in front of you.

And behind you.

I want to be with you.

Not at all above you.

You can love me as much as you want.

You know very well that the rare find the rare.

You want to shine.

And you already have it all.

You are afraid.

You have to react.

You are looking for someone like me.

And he sent me - YOU.


Allow Me


I can smell you.

But someone else is wearing your scent.

I wanted to scream-

I couldn't.

I wanted to call you-

I didn't dare.

Too many obstacles.

Unbearable distance.

I can't believe this is me.

Where am I lost?

In reality or in a dream.

Let me understand that I don't need you.

Let me let you go.




MILICA PAUNOVSKA was born in the heart of Macedonia in the distant 1989 year, in a small city Negotino where she spends her childhood days. Until she moves to the capital city and starts faculty od Economics and shortly after starts working there in Skopje. She has been writing in  the past 15 years and has revealed her first book, a collection of poems entitled "Incomplete", where she exposes herself, lets her voice be heard and allows others to peek and hear part of it.Some of her poems have already been translated and published on several foreign languages and poetry pages.For her poems, she says that they reveal herself and with her verses she gives direction to all the people who have been through or are going through similar situations as she does. She shows them that nothing is lost if you find the right creative way to feel and express yourself.

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