Saturday, April 1, 2023



Love You Mom


Love you, mom

Miss your lap,

Need your hugs,

Recall your tap


Miss your kiss,

Your warm bliss

Doing this

is a custom

When enthralled

in your kingdom


Love you, mom

my sweet twin

of your love, I’m certain

holding you,

declares my dependent freedom.

Love you, mom

My lovely Chora,

Adore you for

that compelling aura.


August 17th


Green Street, Mayfair

Scorching weather

Serious affair,

Opting for silky maxi dress,

Abandoning leather.


The pregnant Lady

With red Zōri,

And a coolie hat


Strong labour pains startled her…

Giving birth to a girl

Seemed a genuine matter

Not a word did she utter,

Recalling pre-Islamic barbaric fight

She read about and had deep insight

“When the female infant,

buried alive, is questioned

For what crime she was killed”

It was wrong horrible deed, not right.


Ready for the nesting instinct,

Her fateful mission was

Possible as Ian Fleming might detect,

For family Bond she has longed

Her body replaced her body,

Despite fake laughter,

Mood swings,

Style to alter

Many other things:




Medical terms she wanted to shutter.


Here in the hospital

Her womb beats her to the delivery room,

Cries do hover

Over and over.

Never cry, the mother says,

Ahead of time to cry,

You will have to adapt,

To think twice before you act,

To live or die,

To love or hate

To abide by your bitter fate,

To leave or stay,

To wipe your tears away,

Wait until you grow,

Life will obviously show,

Decades of immense triumph,

Coupled with decades of decay…


Womb Worlds


I breathe

I feel

I touch

I speak

I write my body


My body is

My words,

My language,

United with the world womb of my mother

Writing it

Is my existence.


When I write it

United with the world womb of my mother

There is bliss

There is jouissance.


My unconscious is conscious,

My words prove precious,

A woman

 I am

United with the world womb of my mother

Not sterile

Being fertile

Eclipses silence


I won’t be put into a trance


My language is multiple,


My poetic realm is ample

It is impregnating, plural

United with the world womb of my mother

His is singular, linear.

Deconstruct binarism

I am the Queen

Man remains a prince.




Cleanness cherishes her swollen body

Water awaits to flow over from the show stall

A mass of liquid, on her back, does fall

Caring no more to save it

Let it pour, waste

Spilled on her chest

Even her waist

A fount


Touching her wrinkled face

Rejuvenation takes place

Power in the realm of shower

She combs her short hair


Curly it has become

Like the years she spends

On her own

Suffocated is her tone

The body lotion

Revitalizes her dry emotion,

What a fluffy silky skin!

So does the moisturizing, cleansing shampoo

Never read the caution

Excessive use may irritate, blur her vision

Indifferent she seems,

Like a hungry tiger

Chasing his prey

The foam refreshens her body,


Invisible she becomes

Looking in the mirror

Only chastity,

Whiteness can be seen

No dirtiness, her body is clean

A shadow of the broken lady

Bubbles up

Water still flows nonstop

Drop culminates in another drop

A new woman is born

What a redemptive shower!

Endowing her with more power

Turning the desperate tomboy

Into a feminine flower

A real woman is born

Folding pages of a life torn

Placing Christ’s salvation horn

Retreating to her feminine tower

A strong woman is born

Wearing the Nuptial crown

Destiny is in her hands

An iron lady has now grown




Dr. ANISSA SBOUI: -A University teacher and poet from Sousse, Tunisia -The writer of Transcend (2018), Rebirth (2019) and Number One (2020), The Co-Avid Breath (2021), Hurricane (2022) & Three short-stories: “Alone”, “The Moody Bookworm” and “Coincidence” - Her poems featured in Writing in a Woman’s Voice, The Writers’ Club, Galaxy: International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, Dumpster Fire Press, Medusa’s Kitchen, The 2020 Annual by the Elizabeth River Writers, Valiant Scribe, Literary Heist, Setu Bilingual Journal, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Our Poetry Archive

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