Saturday, April 1, 2023



When You Are In The Love


How great your love to myself

You tell me you don’t love myself

But you hold my hand when I come a long with you

You make my life so much better than before


How great your love to myself

You tell me you don’t like to meet any more

But you seem to make myself happier until now

I am sure that you are in the love


I know I am saved since you are in the love

Never I think this too much before

Since you love is like red red rose

It sparkles like the sunlight in my life


Every second of time in my life is to think you are in the love

Never I think it too much before

But your smile is sometimes in my heart

Never I reject as long as it comes to my mind


Beautiful Flower


My heart is fully with you, and I never miss it

You tell me you may come along with others

But it only the lip serves

You are the girl whom  I really need in the world


My heart is fully with you, and I never miss it

The words you urged are in my heart

That your promise reminds me sometimes

Which never I miss in my heart


Every day of my life I use to remember you

Though the news of yourself is seldom to come in my ears

But I know you are a good girl, and beautiful as flower

If you are in the love, I could give you the world as you like


Thank you for your coming in my place

You make my life easy to do all the things

But these would not enough

Since the love is precious in the lives


Where Are You Mom?


Mom, you’re like the moon to me

I fully realize that my world will not come up

because of you, I become a man growing like daffodils

I owe to your wisdom to watch me


From now and then I use to remind how great love to me

But how can I return in back since you aren’t in the world

Your love to me is never forgotten still

Every second of my life, you are in my heart


Mom, you are like the diamond to me

Why do go away from me so fast

I would like you to be with us like before

I lost everything since you aren’t at home


I really understand what you did since you lived in

I only cry when it reminds me

My tears come down when your photos seen on the wall

Everywhere I go to search for isn’t like you


Life Is Like Playing Chess


This life which seems so fair

Is like a game of playing chess

What happens at the end shouldn’t be fully regret

Who knows the day will be changed


This world sometimes smiles to gaze

To see the steps run from morning to evening

That life is like a bubble blows up in the air

That never stays for a long time


This life which seems so fair

Is like the sunlight on the day time

It’s lightning is missing

 That life is for ourselves


Keep up the life be so long

As far as you can

To enjoy more and more of it’s meaning

Before the life comes to sleep




SIAMIR MARULAFAU:  He is an Assoc. Prof at the Faculty of Vocation, University of Sumatra Utara, Medan-Indonesia. He has been teaching English language and literature since 1985. Besides teaching, he also conducted researches and presented them to universities around such as in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and some other places in his country. He belongs to a group of OPA writing poems in English. He had published 2 poems anthologies in English and 7 anthologies  in Indonesian language.

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