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Dream Of Expression


Thoughts to words.

Too deep to express.

Feelings, emotion, within, always been

In the depths of silence,

As the smile fades.

Eyes, deep, long, yearns, for words to parade.

To find listening ears, to trust, fall upon

The emotions carried, portrayed for so long,

In the heart, yearning to live, to love, to belong.

The mind has dreamed, within its dream,

For the words within, a flowing stream...

Walking forward, steps sinking in

Unknown sand….

Depleted energy, must strive

Forward bound.

Impelled to move, an inner force

Water’s edge….

Seen, in the distant horizon

Moving on.

Footsteps heavy, laboring task

In the mire.

Toward, refreshment and completeness

Heavy rains.

Reaching, the water’s cooling edge,

Cleansing sought,

To remove, inner filth n’ grime

Water’s depth….

Transparently clear, stepping in,


Strides deeper, purifying each tear

Clear Vision….

Depurating a darkened lapse of


Degeneration, redefined, within a

Lapse of time.

Conscious freedom, reaching with-in

Surging deep.

Devoid, of cold barren dark days that

Tormented your mind.


“And the Lord will continually guide you,

And satisfy your desire in scorched places,

And give strength to your bones.

And you will be like a watered garden,

And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail.”

Isaiah 58:11 NASB1995


Poem ©Stacia Lynn


The Writer’s Words


She writes with passion

She writes with fear

The exploding ink explodes with tears

Upon the page…

As her words pour; From deep within

Her heart cries; Her soul aches

As her words create visual

Expressions not found in vocal utterances

But flows through her pen’s black ink.

The color she prefers to see

As she writes

Her emotions upon the page…

Her journey’s trials

As they move on from day – to – day.

Her pen is her emotional therapy

It is the tool within her hand.

The grasp is firm, A natural place

As she writes her words so full of grace,

Unlike her mind, which tends to race.

It is her peace through her seasons:

Seasons of sorrow

Seasons of joy

Seasons of peace

Times that explore

Within her heart.


Her pen seems to find

That which hidden deep inside.

In different planes, At various times:

Six in the morning,


Or at night.

Written on the pages,

Is her journey’s plight.


With exploding words

From passion or tears,

One may understand

Her walk through the years.

When her trials awake

Or when she puts them to sleep,

Either or

She hides them deep within,

In a box.

Not to treasure

But a place of refuge from harm.


No one may perceive looking outward,

But read between the lines,

She is very forward.


It is the art of emotional release.

The passion

The tears

Found in her words.

Are her peace.


Enchanted Plains


To define the land of enchanted plains

Where mountain peaks rise into heaven,

And seas, rivers, streams drink the rains.

Beasts roam the land’s altering leaven.

Men armed and battled ready; do patrol

The sacred stairs to the king’s grand castle,

Set upon the highest hill to control

Savages n’ thieves; the kingdom’s hassle.

A critical force is its protection.

Perception of one’s eye is enraptured

Of the grand view and water’s reflection

Of one’s inner soul’s intention captured.

For reasons, obvious, the beasts and king

Vigilance due treachery: armies bring

Sacred stability for all to cling.




STACIA LYNN: Writer, Poet, Developmental and Creative Freelance Editor, member of the Advisory Board of Our Poetry Archive, and the Published Author of Escape Down the Roman Road, A Poetic Journey Through Life, The Enchantment, and is also published in many Poetry Anthologies worldwide, including Atunis Galaxy’s 2018 Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry. Stacia is also a licensed Chaplain and Life Coach. Stacia began her English degree at Owens Community College, USA, then continued her BA in English through the University of Phoenix, USA. Stacia’s life’s goal and dream is to encourage others with her words; witness peace, love and harmony among all mankind; and smile contagiously until the Earth’s Sun ceases to shine; a smile is contagious! Stacia’s book Escape Down the Roman Road is available at West Bow Press,, Books- A- Million, and Barnes and Noble. Her poetry book, The Enchantment, is available at Our Poetry Archive can be accessed at, and Atunis Galaxy’s 2018 Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry is available at


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