Saturday, April 1, 2023



A Man Like You


The spring day winds along the boulevards,

April gives us its fragrance,

You gave me a bouquet of lilacs,

And  took me into a blooming white garden.


The evening is confusing with spicy tenderness,

How fabulously good he is,

Will you guess my wish,

And you will take us to the land of love.


The stars are melting in the gray dawn,

Laying in secrets - bridges,

And the winner takes us into a fairytale,

To drink beauty together.


I'm walking on a night planet

To the call of my dreams,

Is there anywhere else in the world

A man like you?


Let the wind from the valley,

The world is full of sparks of happiness,

You're the only one in the world,

How I want you to love.


Our April is in a hurry to distribute confessions,

Bird thrills notes and hubbub,

I'm coming on a date tonight,

If you call to me.


Simple Science


Do not feed the evil in yourself, do not envy the other,

Flattery and envy are bad friends in life,

The whole science is simple, just look at it differently,

The worst enemy is in you! If you win, you're the winner.


You are not a dollar to please everyone endlessly,

If you have chosen a goal, then go to it, destroy all the enemies!

Explaining your actions is too careless,

If you stop, you can get into someone else's temple.


Communicate with your enemies - there will be a huge benefit,

Only from them you will easily learn about yourself,

What is hidden from the eyes, and from the thought is not modest,

He will speak to your eyes, without flattery.


Don't ask! Do not wait for mercy - there will be no miracle!

Control everything yourself, you are the master of fate!

Be in harmony with yourself, you will get a moment of victory

Only in the struggle! Just know, the reefs of life are rough.


Women Of The Planet


Who are we to the whole world,

the women of the planet?

We are life! We are a family!

We are the world of the hearth and happiness!

Riddles for everyone, answers for yourself.

And the eternal pulse of the planet on your wrist.


Who are we in this life, the women of the planet?

We are mothers! We are wives! We are brides!

History! (portraits were painted from us).

We are consent, feelings and protests.


Who are we to the whole world, the women of the planet?

How do we live, what is the joy and suffering?

We are light and darkness, we are wars and victories.

Prayer, holiness of faith, repentance.


We are loving... passionate, proud...

we are disobedient and submissive... incomprehensible...

Sometimes burning with impatience - but always patient!

And in feelings of loyalty - the basis of a meaningful oath.


We are the ones who on a rainy gray day

Can decorate the sky with the radiance of the sun!

We are the ones with whom you want to be happy

Any man who saw the light in the window.


Who are we to this world? Women of the planet?

We are nights, laughter and joy, pain and tears.

We're all like that! Sunsets, noon and sunrises,

We are reason and maturity; we are someone's dreams.




NATALIE BISSO is a poet, novelist, essayist, and songwriter. Author of 11 collections, more than 120 lyrics and 3.5 thousand poems, co-author in more than 120 international collections. The poems have been translated into 36 languages of the world and published in international anthologies in the languages of different countries. Honorary Figure of World Literature and Arts with the award of a silver badge. Takes part in the literary life of different countries. Founder and President of the International Literary Association "Creative Tribune" (ILACT) Academician of the International Academy for the Development of Literature and Art; Academician of the International Academy of Russian Literature; corresponding member of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts. Honorary Member of the WRITERS UNION OF NORTH AMERICA, Head of the German Branch of the SPCA, member of the International Union of Authors and Performers (ICAI). Member of the Cámara Internacional de Escritores & Artistas and the CIESART World Council (Spain). Member of the International Union of Writers, member of the Regional Public Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Poetry "SVETOCH", member of the International Guild of Writers (Germany), Member of the International Association of Writers and Publicists, Member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) / (ETG/ECG London). Advisor to the International publication of Chinese Literature (Hubei Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles), member of the Jury of international competitions, Ambassador of the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity (IFCH)(Morocco) Member of the European Council and the Intercontinental Advisory Committee RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III; Honorary President of" Thousand Minds for Mexico" and the International jury in Germany, Honorary Member of the Union of Spanish-speaking Writers (UXE). Multiple Grand Prize-winner and Laureate of international literary and musical competitions; winner of several special international prizes; Holder of six international literary and musical medals and orders, including under the auspices of UNESCO; the title of "Golden Feather of Russia", the title of MAESTRO. The songs are performed on radio "Radar", "Recital", "Phoenix", "WE ARE TOGETHER", AUTORADIO, Radio OK, Radio NG, Talent Park, Ocean+, the video project "Intrigue show". Participant of TV programs on the channel "Artist TV".

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