Saturday, April 1, 2023



The Salt Of The Earth


 salt of the earth water from the center of the planet

 a party full of flames and hell


 the wind is raging, the sand is lifting my tears

 I fall asleep in the landscape of longing


 I feel hunger on my lips, pain in my soul

 only he craves the need for emotion


 pinned to the ground by a shoe

 I absorb the sadness of suffering again


 the outstretched hand reacts with aggression

 a torn space in the circuit of fear


 the steel cable is digging into my neck

 shame smells like guilt on conscience


I Wish To


 not knowing what death tastes like

 on crossed beams

 in the usual sense of dying

 the feeble whine of a staff note

 in my heart the flame is smoldering,

 hands as brittle as ice

 tangled in thoughtful burning tears

 they snatch seconds of nostalgia

 marking your place

 touching a battered body,

 I want to extinguish the smell

 silently falling longing




 pulse seconds drip from the soul

 in the fiery spark of time

 the clock causes throbbing pain

 mixing tears in spilled blood


 I live woven on its loom

 in the cold void of dreams

 holding the heart in the depths of life

 a glimpse of the passage of time


 time passes by absorbing thoughts

 born of the trifles of passing

 carrying dust in her hair

 among thousands of desires


 I'm looking in the mirror of time

 trying to fix childhood mistakes

 I have to die to understand it

 in spite of the inscribed worries



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