Saturday, April 1, 2023



Peace Lives Here


The Almighty has mercy on us.


Old Gothic fireplace at attic room

enjoys golden times, serenades invite

kneeled in front of Stradivari violin

mankind's joy, peace rules the world

educated thin fingers of Nicole Pesce

is playing music of never-ending poem.


Gentle sounds are spilled out at the resorts

people stopped as drunk

fascinated by the crystalline grades

from the open top window

waves are spread in this the globe paradise

easy, lucid, blazing

for ears day of celebration

electrifies senses of satisfaction

pleasant, charming, rivet

over, permanently is lighted a CANDLE FOR PEACE ....


Owned by summer white Pine flowers

I close my eyes and enjoy life in the peaceful world

imagining perfection of the nature

sounds of spring wrapped me, oh.. divine nature

hope, Living, smiling with love

dressed smoothly with summer colours

spiritual mood as the shade of emerald

provides ongoing peace

* Hope-Living- names.

*Antonio Stradivari was an Italian crafter of stringed instruments such as violins, cellos, guitars, violas

*Nicole Pesce-Pianist


Walk Me


towards the PEACE beauties of the WORLD

Walk me towards the life richness

to feel the majesty of the waterfalls

enjoy the Arctic iceberg

taste love and lust of beauty

intertwined in its grace

promise me

to see the sea of daffodils

lovers of Globe Eden Garden

meet clouds filled with angels

co-live with the shadows of our peacemakers

do lead me please to the mountains of eagles

far from nastiness

to enter into the magic views be able to see humanity splendors.


Associate me towards the continent hidden under seas

inhabited by underwater flowers

the richest idyllic world

dreamers of the charm

described by poets, poetess, artists

show me hidden chrysanthemum channels

source of passion, the padlock bridge at alley of love

help me to offer helping hand to greenery

step in an unexplored landscape

ascend the aquatic world stars

fondle the infinite magic of human-built peace.


The Perfect Melody for the loved one is never enough

I surrender myself to the most beautiful being

creature who turns gloomy into a joyful day

her majesty, lady of the house, mother of innate harmony.


If possible, stars from the universe would bring down

for the well-being as always victimizes

into a permanent flower would turn garden

becomes a bridge for the whole family members.


The last goes on a well-deserved rest

opens window for the first day lights

spreading is the aroma of the prepared breakfast

the most perfect melody in mother's being resides.


Years pass, ages begin to weigh on her shoulders

but freshness continues to radiate from the wrinkled back

as an ant takes care for family members

calmness of lady virtue from the great God is bestowed.




Prof TYRAN PRIZREN SPAHIU: Being emotionally connected with peace, loves calm life and he continues to spread kindness…. So far Tyran has written SIX Novels and around FOUR Thousand Poems.


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