Saturday, April 1, 2023



Death Became Her


She walks in so silently as if to hide

her shame.

No word spoken, as she fumbles through

her draw and takes her time to unwind.

She’s late, down, sad and mad

with herself, mad with the world.

Death is her choice, the bag she carries

is filled with broken promises,

and broken dreams.

Nothing to hold, as her fingers

goes through, trying to find the last

puzzle to her misery,

She buried her heart and soul

in a shallow grave.

No life, no family, no love,

as she sinks herself deeper

in a hole she’s already in

just to throw in the dirt.


I Am Woman


Scars, a mark on me,

that says I am woman.

My head shaved no new growth

But I am Woman.

I lost I gain, yes tears fell,

cause I am Woman.

My body ached, from the pain,

but I am Woman.

The days were long and hard,

I remember, because I am woman.

I struggled hard, the weakness

in my limbs, but I am woman.

It got me four times

I fought, I prayed.

Bending knees that cracked,

that tried to fail me but, in the end, I am

Woman. Because my strength is renewed

I survived the grueling toil

of sickness.

 Death came knocking,

But I knock it back to its grave.

I took back my life and

rebuked the noise of

voices that spoke negative

saying I wouldn’t make it

But I thrived and said to them

I am every Woman

And I won the fight.




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