Saturday, April 1, 2023





If possible, you get absorbed

the wetness of my eyes

and shower on earth to heart’s content

until you dry up…

Let the downpour shower

in black-white-grey, any colours,

suck out all the wetness

from the blue, brown, black, grey, eyes

when you get dried up,

I shall go to see the sea and would come back

giving out the saltiness of my tears to the sea…

You take a new birth again

by being the vapour of the tear-mixed-water,

shower again with any colours,

but, get stored and go showering seasonally…

Go announcing the conundrums

of your traces through thunder

and in the dazzling lightning

stare at my beauty intermittently

my faded impression once at least

for a fact will be seen blossomed

and some bud, would be bloomed

you will understand for sure

at my flowered garden

the dedication is materialized

to that very moment…


Obsession Syndrome


Rain should shower like rains

never should it go helter-skelter

out of its double-dealings

the fear to be against the kinship

never should bring up the bad out of good

it should maintain harmony with nature

it should foster the transparency of protocol,

sometimes in autumn, sometimes in spring...

It should satiate the thirst flowing from

the eyes of the thirsty, desolate villages

it should conceal the happy-unhappy grumble

under a pretence...

The adroit preserver of communicative relationships

the part and particle of existential awareness

that drips rhythmically

yet no one knows why is

the zero-reciprocation of co-willingness

and its same novice dryness...

It starts and breaks down

like the regeneration of life insurance

annual, bimonthly, seasonal

uncalled for is its trend and system...

It flows and percolates

in the state of sorrowfulness

full of obsession syndrome

of the ghastly hyper sensibility

sometimes it showers on the ocean of mirth

but neither it absorbs in, nor roots in

even today in the jungle of concrete...

Sometimes like a new groom

while sometimes like a remarrying groom

it establishes relationships with the earth the land,

it comes, goes, showers

again, it fills up and empties,

it also sweetly accepts repetitive requests

sometimes it even withstands manly challenges...

Sometimes it washes out and flows-flows-flows...

...disappears in the middle, again it gets the ‘go’...


Identity And Self Esteem



Happens to be the demarcation of everyone's identity

the sign of invisible inkling

of destination and

Very little wretched path of life

like a mere transaction

in its market



Never happens to be any image

of any great incarnation

A virtue full of pride

Test of our own knowledge

Stationed in the universe

A wondrous nature of the world



A ship, strongly built as the Titanic

yet helpless

like some scattered dream

like the bottomed remnants

like a hope of its own perception



Like a poem

omni-scient, cosmopolitan

universal intact

Or like a melodious tune

Of playful fickle Vrindavan Sarang

Sometimes bewildered

Still like a sweet intonation

In solemn classical Rag Bageshri



As if not bound to the line of control

of society and of country

consistent, unbounded as such...

© Neha Bhandarkar

NAGPUR (India)




NEHA BHANDARKAR is a trilingual author and translator. She is a columnist in various Marathi newspapers. Her 13 books in Marathi, Hindi, and English have been published. She is a recipient of many prestigious literary awards from India, like the State Hindi Sahitya Akademi, and bagged awards from foreign countries also. Her many poems and stories are being published in many anthologies, journals, E-Zines, and magazines all over the world. Her many poetries and stories have been translated into several foreign languages i.e. French, Albanian, Philippines, Nepali, Greece, and English.  As well as Indian languages like Odia, Asaamese, Telugu, Bengali, hindi, Brail, etc. Her poems and short stories have been broadcast on All India Radio, Akashwani, Hindi Radio, Chicago (U.S.A.), Radio France (FRANCE), etc.



  1. Neha has had once again proved in the corridors of indians writing in english that there is a way if you have the will.May almighty bless her unadulterated heart n mind to think unbiased..