Saturday, April 1, 2023



The seed of brotherhood


I sowed the seeds of brotherhood all over the world

Branches of friendship grew out of him

They are attached to the invisible pillars of the bridges

Which will last as long as I exist.

I sowed the seeds of true love

I overwhelmed him with heartfelt emotions through the songs

The most beautiful fruits ripened from it

Who with their nectar heal the pain of the friendly souls of the wounded.

The perfume of my soul smells all over the world

That will be felt forever in many records

Where there is light, my word shines in the darkness

Saying that there is one romantic poetic soul.

That is why I am very happy in this strange world

I embraced the whole planet with my song

The seeds of my love feed the songbirds

And after death, my shadow will float with the star sisters.



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