Wednesday, August 1, 2018




a hundred closed bridges
don't stop me
to reach you

steel constructions
form one whole

unheard sounds
call your name

drive me crazy
till the end

surprise me
show yourself

nothing is insurmountable
stairs go upstairs

circle with it
roll in my dance

collect the pages
to harvest of joy

read bold
listen pleasure
talk to me

lubricate me with rose oil
explore me in depth
stay in my temple

dream me
touch me
in every season

on our cobbled square
I will enjoy you
a thousand times

is meaning big

in all areas

this stage calls for laughter
the message gets a place

between acacia and beech
licorice and honey
strawberries and whipped cream

blind me with your shimmer
and my star will shine for you
© Hans and Bianca


mile for mile

cross the distance
experience the stimulation

feel every word deeply
in the source of my being

hold me
in dark days
kiss me
when I am in pain
comfort me
with every bit of sadness

without the thorns
on the green stem
of the orange rose

there would be no life

I need you so

let me see paradise
in the thousand images
that I have of you

the small leaves
on your wooden branches
build on the song
of willpower

inseparable ways
swing the path
meandering through
the pasture

meet me in the open
field where unity is

love of soul is the passion
that moves me in you

you flower the rose in me

grow with it

me in you
you in me
© Hans en Bianca


all thunder and lightning
I will spare you in
our stormy relationship

I'd better go
it has no sense

my heart is crying
my lips are silent

tears are fighting
to tell you
how much I love you

in the heat of the battle
there were the reproaches
the confrontation
from woman to man

soldiers with weapons
the bobbling
with bare fists
destroyed everything
the debt question
is missing

we were together

bitter is the end

hairline cracks
being torn apart,

but I know that I
will always love you


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