Wednesday, August 1, 2018




Give me thy flute
Let me play with thy soul
A strange music
That resonates with thy beats
Thy sky is infinite
Stars are your humming notes
Just remain silent
While my soul plays its cosmic rhymes
Everything lies in my heart
It reveals its magic through my flute
There is no end to our love
Holding your poetry temple
Are you listening thou Lord
To my mystic flute blossoming like a flower
Give me they grace
to build my Seven seas
Give me thy rays
To play with flash of light
Give me thy beams
To dance with thy moon
It is the alchemy of Love
Performed by my mystic flute
Let me compose my music
To keep pace with the harmony of the soul.


I have visited all places
But none to my taste
I made many encounters
Been to the temples of inspiration
But yours is the best
To eat the food of wisdom
I wandered in the deserts of loneliness,
Like a lost pilgrim looking
Desperately for the light
Then you hold my hand and take me to the Valleys of hope
There I learn the essence of love
And dwell in the mirage of eternity
Above the skies my soul flew
To purge its melancholy
And tranquil its saddened grief
I bathed in your sacred river
And wore the garments of love
And saw the mystic face of desire
You lit the candle of my burning heart
I saw the glittering passion with eyes of my soul
The Moon illuminated the concealed curtain of my heart.
Light of love rose from the bosom of my blooming soul
From the breast of the sleepy universe
Angels intimately appear in the clear moon light
Dancing joyfully under the chorus of clouds while as lovers we breathe and merge into the oneness of the clear-sighted, mystic universe


I am the telescope and you are the universe
I am an obscure poem melt in your Verse
A ridged rock is my heart,
Cracked by the Muse of your own Art.
I dance like some whirling Dervish
A whirlpool of Coral Reef , of Seas, and Starfish
I am not easy to read , I am a deep sea
I am a raging storm as I am meant to be.
Oceans of pains are blotting out my way,
In your rivers of love I just swim and sway
Waves swing me like a Pendulum to and fro
Like a Compass moving with your ebb and flow.
A telescope is my soul where you can reach all this Mystifying Cosmos
The incarnation of love , of desire , and Eros
Carry me straight to where I can see planets, constellations, through your eyes
Entwined lovers, forever and ever, to the Solar System ,are your soul and mine.
I die and rise the same , and soar by your love
I am the Phoenix riddle, the Telescope that lives by your love
I am the Hourglass that holds the sand before my time passes through
I am those Lenses that make your remote Stars appear closer with my subtle hue.
Jenayah Hela Tekali
copyright 05/05/18


HELA JENAYAH TEKALI is an English teacher, exercising her profession at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Tunis, Tunisia. She is a young spiritual poetess who started writing poetry four years ago. Mrs. Tekali is interested in a special theme in poetry which is Spiritual Philosophy. As she puts, "I believe that Spirituality is the essence of human life. There can’t be a real, genuine and transparent vision of truth without a glimpse of Spirituality in our daily life and thereby, there is nothing wiser in the world than to be endowed with spiritual wisdom." "Spirituality is the Mystical face of religion…. Spirituality is the Mirror that reflects divine vision". "The soul is the essence of our existence. The human body is a mask, a mere Simulacrum. It is the soul that heals, enlightens our instinct and endows our desperate heart with energy, faith and light." "A soulless human being is like a beast wondering in a wild desert, unable to control its deep impulses, manipulates its uncontrollable desires, its intense ecstasy and its unmanageable lust after the material world." Hela Jenayah Tekali has recently published three books: Halos of Light published in June 2015. The Quest Of Love published in June 2017. The Soaring of my Soul in February 2018.