Thursday, October 1, 2015


George Onsy

No, no, not me!!
It’s not me!
Who could do
Such a horrible thing
For whatever reason
It may be

It’s not me!
It is a creature,
Who calls himself
‘Human being’,
Who did it,
Didn’t he??

It’s not me!
Who made of myself
A refuge for desperate
Souls fleeing a graveyard
That’s once been
A dear homeland
Have you forgotten?!!
I’m not the harbor,
I’m the sea.

It’s not me
So, I’ve just
Thrown him up.
He never belongs here,
I’m only trying
To set him free.

It’s not me!
For if the deluge
Of innocent blood
Ever stains
My loyal blue
I would turn my water
Into tears to stay
Forever the sea
You wish to see.

George Onsy

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