Thursday, October 1, 2015



****THE SEARCH****
Running through the darkness
Without any kind of clue
My mind being an empty room
Occupied by the only thought of you
Where am I going Where i wanna go
Where should i go I really don't know
I just keep running and keep running
In the desperate search of you
Walking midnight in the garden
I remember those days of me and you
Holding each others hands exquisitely
A feeling such lovely and new
You tweaking my nose
You pulling my cheeks
You wiping my tears
You kissing my lips
How can I forget just how can I?
How should I Why should I ?
These golden Memories of you
Of all moments spent with you
Coming back again they why
Just like that Don't know i?!
Running tired in the darkness
I have fallen down to my knees
Having no will to stand back again
So broken and dead are these
Laying down like a lifeless leaf 
Gazing upon the grey rainy skies
Through Half open and Half closed
Timeless memories escaping my eyes
To capture you darling I ran all Time
To keep you in my life I fought all Time
Now heartbroken and lonely i
slowly awoke to my reality here
In this never ending search of you
Alone , drunk, depressed and down
I just keep waiting in the awe of you
I just keep waiting in the awe of you

Brendon R Apache

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