Wednesday, December 1, 2021





Autumn Mandala


the wind prays and meditates

it stripped the park trees

of colorful leaves

and composed a mandala of human fate


the leaves lie side by side

flabby birch

mighty oak

colored maple


trees no longer compete for space

 water and sun

they teach each other

and succumb to the passing


St. Andrew's Day


Summer days

burned down in the color of the leaves

blurred in the gray

flew away with the key of the cranes


It's already autumn

- the wind hums louder and louder

and spreads the seeds of melancholy

to the ground gray with cold


the time

of phantoms hidden in the twilight

of flickering candles

and soothsayers and poets

has come



through the keyhole

the future can be seen

and fate can be read

in the game of shadows


A Room With A View


in hotel life

there are apartments

with a panoramic view

of the mountains or the sea

and modest rooms for a wanderer


I got a sideline room

at the junction of time

between today and yesterday


my door opened up

to the morning bustle in the kitchen

 and window

for the leftovers of the day


in the morning

petals of wilted flowers spilled

and the champagne was foaming loudly

 in the broken bottles


what am I doing here? - I asked the suitcases

and I didn't open the interior


it's time to go on a journey

far is the way to the stars

Last Supper


Apostles of the word

came from all over the world

to give their ego

hidden in the verses


Everyone wants 

to see their reflection in the Master's eyes

to stay in his memory

and for good remember his stories


When the hourglass turns

some will be denying three times

some will give a kiss of death

few will cry 



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