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The Emerson's Quintessence


The beauty of nature she has appreciated

From a vain or shallow thought,

On the distant hills she has forever praised

Wandering to upper air that seems remote.


The spirit of Emerson, his muse divine

His words strumming like music in her ear

Falling under the spell of their romantic line

Their transcendental landscape so dear.


Quintessence of silence and sunbeams

A moon celestial ray around the sky,

Her oversoul aligned with nature seems

Speaking to her muse with a piercing eye.


Sea - winds gazed upon her solitude,

Chasing the waves of her idealistic lines

With a color of romance infused in her mood

Turning the sky and the earth with charm divine.


Sweet to her that temple within,

Wiser than any human seer

She sought the road away from the original sin

Her poet mute she could hear.


Keen is her sense, her heart is her guide

Making the spring season proud and sweet

Flowers that bloom -she catches their pride

Peace prevails as she with her oversoul meet.


Stealing grace from Emerson's praise

Climbing the stair of love as a self of purer clay

Ascending the sky and earth beyond space

Through the dim thought she met a new day.


Beauty of nature will never be a waste

As she gazed upon the Sun and Moon

Her heart abode will be her promised fate

The largest part within her, arising soon .


She saw in Shakespeare her Sonnet of love

In Emerson's quintessence a new passion

Inking Romanticism and Idealism as a pure dove

Arising from the ashes with a reborn emotion.

Jenayah Hela Tekali



My Beloved's Grave


To his grave I have gone

to bid him a last farewell

He arose from his deathbed like

the morning Sun

To reassure me he was well.


I rushed to where he was sleeping

To mumble my words of passion

Half-awake and a little bit slumbering

I couldn't keep control of my strong



His arms were spread as he waved at me with his hand

His bereaved grave looked like a golden temple

With multiflorous flowers whose scent I couldn't withstand

As they professed a honeyed smell so sweet and humble.


In this softness of the sweet sunrise

and the refreshing fragrant air

I could hear him whispering like a shaft of morning breeze.


' Oh, my love in my dream you shall ever be your memory is as intense as those placid



Sooner as I touched my Beloved's face

He stared at me from his bereaved grave

I realized that this morning mist

was no more than a glimpse of his grace

propelling me to keep still silent and brave.


The Art Of The Fireflies


A Shakespearean Sonnet


Thou art as beauteous, so as thine heart

As those fireflies that flutter their wings,

With thy music to fine ears yields its part

With flashes of light the firefly sings


A quest of thoughts, all sweet to thy dear face

Thy clear eye, and to thy dear heart's part,

A luminous shade piercing thy crystal grace

Probing the inward love of thy pure heart


How to squeeze the mere thoughts at thy sight

Mine eye and heart are at an endless war,

The firefly's wings cannot reach thy height

Mine eye and heart that picture sight would bar


I carved thee, thine heart's eye is not mine,

With fireflies, I paint thee like the divine.

Jenayah Hela Tekali

copyright 19/ 01/ 21



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