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The Moment Behind The Line


Is it because of the uncertainty - where further,

or because of the habit

to be live in a limited space

always, there is a line

in front of which we stop.


Is it because of the uncertainty -what then,

or because of the habit

we not to separate from the existing moments,

always, there is a moment

in front of which we stop.


And because of the uncertainty

or by habit,

always, we ask ourselves -

if we cross the line,

will we meet face to face

with the right moment?



Clean Soul


You can breathe, in the middle

between the past and the future,

and long a time

you hesitate for the step

that will save you from the silence

which travels through your thoughts,


and then you start over.


You can scream the silenced words,

in one moment,

to break the lump

which nestled somewhere above the chest.


And whilst memories awoke emotions

you can turn over the words in the poems.


You can do whatever your heart desires,

and that does not obscure your soul,


оnly the soul,

let it stay clean.



Eternal Children


We are not just mercy,

children we are under the sun

which moves us,

the winds of fate brought us here

to leave we traces

in eternity to we remain eternal,

from а moments of the time

we created a constellation,

to illuminate our hope

and through the silence

in which our souls wander,

we opened the gate of love -

to be eternal.


Autor and translate from Macedonian to English:

Olivera Stankovska



OLIVERA STANKOVSKA is a Macedonian poet, writer, and artist. She was born in 1963 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, and now she lives, works, and creates in Kriva Palanka. After graduating from high school she studied German language and literature at the Universiti of Philology in Skopje. In addition to writing, she paints on porcelain and glass and makes icons on porcelain with decoupage technic. She is a member of the Literary Club "KALIN" Kriva Palanka. Stankovska is an author of the poetry collections: "DEBATING WITH LIFE" (2013) – “Literary Lantern" award (2013). " IN THE GAME WITH LIFE "(2017) - award for best poetry book at the poetry event "POETRY GALA" Milica Paulus (2018). "THE ROAD TO GOD'S EYES - a wreath of sonnets " (2019). As an author of poetry translated into English, received the ARS Poet Award from Axlepin Publishing website - "Uniti and Diversity in the ARTS" Filipini, Manila (2013). Part of poetic works from Stankovska were and are being published in many anthologies and on various internet portals. The same of them have been translated into English, Serbien, and Arabian language. Her thoughts on life, which are the subject of her poems, she publishes on her blog about art, culture, and traditions, entitled ANIKO STYLE. Her motto is: Art is woven into every segment of my life. I believe in creativity, in beautiful and inspiring things.


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