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A Suitcase

Poland 1939- 1941


They only gave me twenty minutes and

told me

I could bring a suitcase with me

just one

I was afraid

but that old cardboard object

took away from me

the fear of something terrible and imminent

suggested the idea of continuity

over time


the miserable things

Lastly pressed inside

Could have been useful tomorrow and

the day after


But it didn't take long

to understand it was the offer

of a fleeting illusion

a lie

to make things easier

@ Maria Miraglia


Rare Alchemy


My soul painted

with the colours of the night

like when the sky has no stars

nor even a bolt of lightning to illuminate

the dark dome

it had the colours of the early morning


even late at night

when in the silences

we used to tell each other

our daily adventures

and intimate emotions

warm the tones of our voices

like friends from ancient times

we would have bet all our possessions

sworn on our dearest things

that nothing and nobody ever

would have broken our bond

sure how we were

to be bound by a rare alchemy

but the wish to look beyond

the longing for new emotions

won on our bets


I don't know what we gained

surely something unique

we lost

@ M. Miraglia




I know of loves

fragile as trembling leaves

at the early autumn winds

when shriveled and sad

they lose their bright colours

No one will remember them

when their branches come

into bloom again

their smiling gazes rapt

by the new blossoming foliage

And the trees

that were there

to witness their coming to life

as the day the dawn

and then the night

now silently see

them falling down

their death

And I know of loves

strong as tree trunks

firmly planted into the ground

their roots finding their way

deep into the earth womb

They stay still there

season after season

see the sun rise and set

in the rain and storm

like rocks untouched by the time

waiting for the new springs to come

And I know of eternal loves

a wise and kind man

learned as few

told me of them

In his enchanted land

surrounded by so great an allure

and me with him

astonished as ever

listening of his lives

past and present

at his side

tenderly smiling his eternal lover

And of many more loves I heard

dwelling in men's hearts

waiting to be lived

as the days and nights

in their multiple colours

of light and dark

@ Maria Miraglia




MARIA MIRAGLIA: Educationist, poet, translator, peace activist, Maria A. Miraglia was born and lives in Italy. For a long time, an active member of Amnesty International, she herself founder and chairwoman of World Foundation for Peace. Member of Ican, of the International Observatory for Information and Human Rights. Founding member and literary director of the Italian cultural association P. Neruda, honorary member of Nationes Unidas de las Letras, advisory member of the editor board of Galaktika Poetike Autunis, member of the editorial board of Our poetry Archive, member of the editorial advisory board of Sahitya Anand. Presidente de la organization Mundial de los Trovatores, Italy and Deputy President – Coordination, at a child rights global organization, the United World Movement for Children (UWMC). She collaborates for poetry with numerous national and international newspapers and magazines. Her poems have been translated into several foreign languages and are collected in numberless anthologies all over the world.  Dr Maria Miraglia is often a welcome guest of international events for poetry. Beauty and profundity are the most important characteristic of Maria Miraglia’s works and although these elements are found in some of the exceptional works by modern writers, blending them together seems a challenge for many, where Maria is found to be successful applying them into her poems. Author of anthologies in Italian, English or both languages She is recipient of numerous national and international awards and recognition.

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