Tuesday, March 1, 2016




Let me caress the pain away,
For my kisses are here to stay

To Solidify your broken pieces,
To fill with love all your creases

To accept you for who you are,
For I will be here forever and always in your heart

Allow me to kiss away your tears,
Introduce my heart to all your terrible fears

Because I will fight them all into hell,
For I am a lovely knight engorged with respect

Recognition of your intuition
Loving you unconditionally is my mission

Accept my love for what it is
Because my life is all for you,
Let my actions show you with this Kiss......


Nervous pulses go through my stomach
Like butterflies waiting to set loose
Into the forest of your heart
Waiting to blossom, a path to cruise

Parked and waiting for a presence so divine,
Wonder if you looked the same,
Since the last time you were mine?

Photographs across my memory,
play like an never ending movie,
Your touch, your kisses......
Your eyes that resemble rubies

Heart races like compromising my spot,
Breaking the loud of silence
with a promise in its path

Feelings are the same,
Like that cold, icy day
Seeing you from a far,
Gasping for air, night where you raised the bar

Comparing no one to the truth,
Brushing off judgment,
allowing love to set loose,
Butterflies finding the rose you gave to me,
Feeling safe, and loved; but most of all  Set Free.


He says he loves my eyes,
but he doesn't see what see
Maybe he's in love with the reflection
His love has on me

He says he loves my smile,
but little does he know that it has hidden
many wild rides of this thing called life,
And now I have found my purpose to thrive

My smile often hides the tears
From the night before
From those places I used to adore
Now I just implore, That life doesn't bring me more

He says he loves my soul,
but how could this be?
It is not visible to others,
It's an energetic presence indeed

He doesn't know so many things,
Yet I can hear my heart shouting
Every time he talks to me
I feel it trying to escape
Nothing I can do but to emerge
From this love I feel and be all
That he wants me to be Right here and Now..........



  1. pure beautiful artpieces that touch the ripped edges of my heart and created ripples in my soul, thank you for this !!

  2. Ohh wow.. Yina your poetry is as beautiful as you are... love you dearly...