Tuesday, March 1, 2016




When our stories bled together
Eternity nodded gleefully
unfolding our broken grounds,
howling voids and lost alliterations…

My perfect imperfections
slipped down at my feet,
this intoxicated Existence
mended my subdued Heart
in spasmodic recurrences…

I have been seeking for You
Inside millennial dips of wisdom!...

I am distressed by my absent impressions
expressed by restored discourses
along my winterish hallucinatory midnights

When our stories bled together
I woke up from this Ancient grey longing
and edgeless Time frames,
spring-flowers blasted in echoed reverberations…

Yet!... the World demanded an answer!
A cross-examined petition of my agonized paroxysms,
no appeals… neither claims over its utilitarian ultimatums!
A plea… with no supplications and beseeched adjurations…

We bled our histories
with hypnotic accents and saffron reminders
about the World’s triviality and consistent frivolity!


You know?
One day,
I will release you
from the Heart!

from the distant springs
of your eyes….
The moment will lose its end,
snowing… namelessly….

I wish to remember how to forget!...

To undress
from your words,
to undress
from your heart’s beating!
To undress
from snow screaming…

I emptied even my breathing
not to pay my customs to Life…
How I wish to remember forgetting!...

That day…
will inexorably come…
and the hour glass will be running out
of all those jaded visions, sapphire tales…
I know,
too many oblivions kneeled my flight!

I will remove You from Me,
as I miss Myself in this old Story,
so I can still cut up pieces of Life…

Do you know?...
There was not enough space
for both
inside this incomplete
symphonic Life…

At last…
you will be released…
I will forget
how your words
sounded like daggers,
how your chimerical kisses
used to run through my veins…

And that very day,
will inexorably come…

My hopes…
Will be laid
at one star’s ankle.

Your heart’s sentences?
I will stop humming them,
talking to your absence
no more…

It was just a trance
which seemed to enclose us!

Your lament,
I will not hear it, anymore,
even the echoes of the oblivion.

A closed flight was created
between us,
the day you chose
to rust on my Soul’s edge.

In that timeless
and eonian moment
forgetfulness would wrap me,
forgetting I loved you…
beyond you,
beyond myself…

Years breaking…
You gliding along me,
still… my breath
encrypted inside your irises.

One day…
I will forget you
forgetting me!...

My Life,
paints every moment,
with a different stroke...

Each day I dress
with Myself, so nights,
can find me no more...

I grabbed the edge
of the World, so
I will not be beyond
your touch...

I taught my tree
how to bloom, so
my words will not fall
from its branches...

I listened to your Silence,
lighting my inner context
And I knew... no more
fictional characters
in a liquefied Reality...

just a rhythmical harmony
within heart symmetry...

I plunged Myself
in the aesthetics of Mathematics,
Now... I can count
different sizes of Life...
backwards and onwards...
with no remaining dots...

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