Tuesday, March 1, 2016




My dilemma disrupts with incident trifle,
crushed with life's riddle ,
suddenly the cool breeze along with me hums with
tune giggle....
My strides faster with rhyme single,
laughs myself with a pretention of stern countenance,
among the middle.
The tingle of tinkling pleasure I suffer from,
trigger ripples,
pervading smile with eagerness in eyes,
adds the sparkle double.
The thirst and desire to mingle made me crippled.
Thought of separation crumbles me from cradle,
fanatical heart looms thought trickles.
Wish to paddle ounce faster,
to meet you overcoming every hurdles.
I wish holding your hands will smash every obstacles,
the strong bong of yours is a surprise riddle.


Chirping sound of birds ..
And humming drizzle in early dawns woke me up..
Emerging dark clouds ...
Laughing from the beds of darkness..
Senses tingles with cool breeze
And the dear droplets falling from the sky
Evanescence my previous night's body
Determined to taste the vintner's wine
I stepped out...
Streets deserted, while nature's endless melodious tunes
Buzzes with cuckoo's song..
swinging flowers a midst the branches
Dancing pleasantly ..
Cool breeze forces me to leap and skip
The drizzles intoxicating to drench me slowly...
Down the lane..
Saw a solitary old lady
Clad in white ,
Sitting drenched to enjoy nature's best..
The serene and tranquility prevailing in her beautiful
wrinkled face sparkles ..
with falling pearl drops..
Her experienced eyes gazing hopefully
Towards the morning shower ..
Her calm face and cool attire
Weaved in me a looming thread of stories ..
We exchanged between us a friendly gesture..
Triumphant heart of mine ..
Found a friend to share the beautiful drizzle in morning hours..


Loneliness Bleeds The Treasured Undulate Memories Of Your Dad , ,
Unuttered And Unvoiced Chokes Me Now . .
Eponymous In My Life Page
Your Patting Hands Paved Me Through , ,
Light And Dark Of Life's Journey
To Swaddled My Words . .

I Miss Your Magnanimous Smile, Spirited Words And Timely Guidance
Which Rings Like A Wee bell On My Ears Always . .

Your Carvings Always Searches Perfection In Me
Scary A Little To Face You When I Prove Your Sculpture Imperfect . .

An Attempt To Unfold The Pages Of Your's
Unveils Many Facets . .

Now I Miss You When You Are Not Here
Still Searching For Your Strong Hands , ,
To Pave Through The Paths Of Life . .

In Life's Mystery,
You As A Pole Star Paves My Path Clean
Now Messy . .
In Search Of Someone To Hold And Cross Safely , ,
My Life's Uphill Journey . .


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