Tuesday, March 1, 2016




Bound to be your guardian angel
invisible as the air
untouchable as the men's emotions
but close like a green leaf to its branch
so much close to hear your breath
and you the beat of my wings
To be at your side
take your hand
guide your uncertain steps
and alert perceive your sorrows
to dry your tears
Help you to seize the beauty
of a sunset in a summer day
of the seagulls' flights
their twirls in the endless skies
or the sunflowers when
they all together turn
their heads to the sun
And make you listen to
the waves backwash
when silent is all the world around
At nightfall
sing for you old melodies
to make you fall asleep
and watchful protect you
from the nightmares that
can disturb your dreams
Wake you in the morning
gently caressing your face
with the slight touch of my feathers
and listen to you
telling of your night travel
in the unknown land of dreams
Defend you even
from yourself
and make you smile at life


Words like butterflies

I see freely fly

proud of their thousand meanings

aware they seem to be

of their might

I’d grab them now

my thought my intimate emotions

carefully to enclose in verses

but spiteful they escape

like air in the hand

quickly they go

sand through hourglasses

Patiently I’ll wait for them

maybe later tonight

they’ll no longer have the wil

lfrom bloom to bloom go

In the silence

of my room

the light on

open the window

I’ll invite them and

with a deep insight

slight a breath of inspiration

I’ll pen some lines

It’s in the deafening quiet

of the late hours

that usually they overlap

each of them aspiring

to be protagonist

But turned off the light

the window closed

a few stay on my page caged

the others are there outside

gleaming stars dust

to fill the night air

of secret messages

of things unsaid.


Dreams arrive
at a slow pace
with nightfall
most of them
sweet but unachievable
They wait for the sky
to be colored of dark and
the stars source
of the brightest light
It's easier to dream
when all is silent
the lamps in the streets
providing a dim light
and in the houses
each in his bed
Almost you can hear
a magic little bell
that ringing tells
"it's time to dream
listen to your heart
awaken the secrets
your soul keeps
so well hidden inside"
If you like it or not
at dawn or a little later
you have to come back
to your reality
a new day to spend
will be there
your castles in the air
like mist dissolved in the sun


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