Tuesday, March 1, 2016



So Cold

I wait here wanting to
hear your voice
but I know you have
become so cold
like a specter of time
your hood hides what
you don’t wish to have seen
for there must be a heart
in there somewhere

My breathing is shallow
waiting for the wraith
of something out there
and hoping this is the last
as I watch you look
out upon your frigid
false mountain
with that look of disdain
and I lose hope

Do you feel this warmth
my energy that wants more
how can you ignore
someone that holds you so dear
without reservations
and such a heartless
turn of events
I only want you back
the way you were
with a smile upon your face

DSF 2-20-2016


Moonbeams coming
through my window pane
waking me from my dreams
beckons slowly the curtain
drawn back and
my silhouette is seen

Off into the distance
another window drawn
like dreamers of the
same soul, passionately
searching and yet the
distance is not as
far as it would seem

When the heart beats
the walls it can tear down
the moon gently kisses you
and shares that kiss with me
gracefully it fades but
tonight it stays
dancing into the night

DFS 2-17-2016

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