Thursday, October 1, 2020



A Little Piece Of Heaven

sometimes I just like to sit alone
speak out to anyone who listens
though I see no one there

does that make me crazy
exceptionally insane
that I speak to the flowers on the wall

that I await for an answer
knowing quite well I have it
it was inside of me all along

God talks to me - His Spirit
call it or me whatever you please
it's part of me - who I am

I see the grass as a bed
the flowers in the field a blanket
bark of the tree as my own book

I can take it into my hands
by breaking off a piece
and voila
a little piece of Heaven

it's not every day you see it
a grown woman in the grass
picking it piece by piece

but today I did it
and it felt so good
it was if candy
to a baby

as the sun peeping
from behind a cloud
it just felt so natural

just ....
a little piece of Heaven

Hold Your Head High

leap not into battle
without your sword
you dare not tempt
to leave without a shield

the strength you preserve
will muscle you onward
it will prevent you
from a mass mistake

I speak not of wars
or the battle of man
but the battle we face
daily against darkness

I speak of the Bible
and for all which it stands
for the Lord who loved me
before I was even born

I speak of friendship
love, understanding
the battle in which
darkness cannot  prevail

so when you go to battle
be strong with full armor
for the time has not yet come
that you cannot hold your
head up high


twinkling little lights
fill the night sky
I gaze into he beyond
I believe that I can fly

stars shine up in Heaven
fill our world with its light
I gaze into all its beauty
everything is so right

stars shine beside the moon
give a nod and a smile
peace fills my soul
I can rest awhile

twinkling little lights
fill the night sky
I gaze into the beyond
I believe that I can fly


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