Thursday, October 1, 2020



This Rare Gem

Behind the green buds of Llogara

the lawns of the soul plunge into the blueness of Borsh, as pigeons

bring out Saranda, like a rare gem.

Further on the horizon lies the vast sea

with Ksamil bay

that collides with the golden sunlight.

When night lifts the dust of the entrances over the eyelashes

The skins for centuries whiten the silence of the stones where the castle,

like a pyramid, sits on a fearless hill.

Green cliffs where the olive groves open their wings, the cradle of the castle shakes history

on top of the hill at the Monastery of St. George

pray silently for all mankind.

I marvel at the Ionian Sea to the west.

The Blue Eye flows over the buying carpet

Butrint founded by Aeneas

forgotten winds on the statue of Apollo, or the

goddess Dea, where the head of Zeus,

the portrait of Agrippa murmurs with love,

until night breaks the lilies of the west,

hiding in starry ponds in the bay.

In the gills of the night hangs the eaten moon

Worried about corona virus

Surrounded by millions of caresses

of the fingertips of the soft waves.

The sun covers the pink nudity

broken into billions of grains of sand

who kiss fiery dawns ruins,

where the golden history is housed

eroded depths by the trot of centuries

who gave the name to the ancient city.

Is there another city where 40 saints are together?

There I am seduced by my love

with breasts outside

As his eyes rejoiced over the blueness

and calm the soul over serenity,

gazing from Mimosa balcony

and in dreams I keep it forever.

To Be A Bird

Let me be a bird, flying free heights

Heights, where there are no rumors, hurt,

To be free from all cruelty and devilishness

With family, where I feel unconditional love.

Sometimes this life seems to me so cruel, cold

So please let me become a bird to fly by myself

In a place where there is true peace and harmony

Far from the harsh reality, to be a bird in the sky.

Like a little bird, whispering secrets through the trees.

Singing tweets through the blooming leaves.

When the ray of sun goes down before me

When the heart aches with joy.

As a bird, I look upon the earth and the sea

Like a bird, rising at early dawn

Greeting the summer sky.

Laughing at the flowers and trees of spring.

Where the sun is shining on the mountain slopes

Where the wind blows gently through the herbaceous grass

Where the bird sings with his voice to the roaring sky,

My scent is dimmed by the scent of the healing breeze.

I love to see the valleys and hills above

To stop feeding myself on the breeze cleaner

Under my feet everything conquers when my arms open

Wonderful flowering nature to make .

To The Beautiful Moon

To see the moon in the sky, praise be to Him

To the night that day brings, I say;

O eaten moon, like a golden sickle

Winged in front of you please:

Bless the world with love!

The moon rises above the waters of my heart,

Illuminates the sea and the inflamed sky

Everything I had so close

Now they look very far away from me.

O beautiful moon, I speak to you:

How do you see us up there?

We are beautiful or ugly

We are peaceful or angry

We have lost our unforgettable loved ones

Those who have given us life.

The moon like a golden sickle

Turns out the perfect face

To see the world from top to bottom

In the continuous search.

Golden hair falls on her forehead

Her eyes shine like morning dew

On her lips the peace smiles

Diluted and anxious enters and leaves the clouds,

Jupiter and nearby Mars glow.

It glides gently across the sky

Happy little moon,

On the tops of the trees it shines,

Among the spruce stars accompanied

People seek kindness forgotten…


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