Thursday, October 1, 2020




When the mind gasps

between voracious sharks

and everything seems lost,
two mighty wings lift me up,

they take me away

from those greedy mouths of blood,

already ready to bite.

The mouths close again


From above I observe the escaped danger

I fly in the air and see wonders,

I discover new horizons,

beyond the treacherous sea,

peaceful lands where to land

with confidence and hope.

The Rain

I feel the rain

slowly descending,


I count the drops one by one.

They fall on me

rhythmic, slow,

prickly like darts.

I close my eyes slowly,

I think, I listen.

It's a magical dance,

sweet, beneficial.

The swirl of the mind

ceases by magic,

thoughts crowd

at the door and slowly

get free.


In a stormy sea

of senses and restlessness

waves of life

float, reel, collapse

in the ruthless lucidity of reason,




Eternal symbols

of the reasons of the heart.

The storm subsides,

a seagull rises

on the blue water of the sea,

screaming its song to life.


GIUSEPPINA GIUDICE was born in agropoli (SA), where she lives. She has been a teacher of high school for 40 years. She is an Italian writer and poetess. She has received a lot of prizes and awards in literary competitions.: An award received in Rome by the Italian National Television (RAI); another one in Rome with a medal by Senate; an award for her literary carrier. Her novels were presented in a lot of exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She is a member of Wikipoesia and she has recently been included in the “Roll of Honour for poetical solidarity”. She was appointed “Academician” twice: by an Italian cultural association: “Giacomo Leopardi” in Reggio Calabria (2011) and by “European Cultural Academy for Literature, Arts and Science” in Rome (2003). Then she was appointed “Membru D’Honore” in Mihailesti (Romania) for cultural merits. She obtained a Diploma De Excelenta (Romania 2004). Then “A mention of Honour” 2010 (Salerno). Twice she has been on the cultural page of an important newspaper (edited in Napoli). She is present on You tube with a video by Poeti and Poesia, a publisher from Rome. She has published three collections of lyrics and four novels.: “Profumo di ginestre e polvere da sparo”(Albatros 2010) ; “Amori in prima linea”(Albatros 2013),"Una scelta d'amore"(Il mio libro); Una vita nuova (Pedrazzi).  She is present in an anthology published in Romania: “Sentiment Latin”, in “Un Grito por la Paz”,published by  Unamos Al mundo Con La Poesia (Mexico) and in other italian anthologies.  Actually, she is working on a new collection of tales and another one of poems. Years ago, she worked for a local newspaper and cultural magazines and made also some translations from English.

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