Thursday, October 1, 2020



Earth Hour . . .

Life is a race of time,
the clock ticks like a breath of wind,
let's do it next to our name,
there is something valuable.
Gentle, which makes us strong,
to last as the light of the sky,
that it makes sense why we lived,
something more valuable than a crust of bread.
We extend our hands of love,
let the heat radiate like the sun,
we follow the rhythm of the biological clock,
Let's warm someone's heart.
Let the bird out of your chest,
not too much time left,
we look forward to the, little things,
despite all the problems . . .
© Slavka Bozovic

I Had A Dream About You . . .

I dreamed of you tonight, my love,
in a black coat with a cigarette in his hand.
Your moon illuminates the trails,
I heard the sad sounds of your heart.
Tonight I dreamed of our lost hopes,
and our tears and waiting,
I dreamed of your warm kisses,
and your sweet words in the whirl of my song.
I dreamed of sunflower fields tonight,
and the old cherry tree where we met,
grass is our bed made of clouds,
at dawn my dreams came crashing down.
I dreamed of you tonight, my beautiful angel.
I slept happily on your chest,
somewhere in the galaxy, our desires came together,
eh, I'm sorry my dream didn't last forever ...
Copyright© Slavka Bozovic

You Are My Motivation . . .

From the first look in the eyes
The mind tickles me - it scratches
I belong to you too much
To say goodbye to you.
You entered the door of my dreams,
Like a thief - quietly,
And stirred up the fountain of love,
Wisely, not to notice - no one.
You are my motivation,
You caress my hopes and dreams,
You are my inspiration,
without you I would not have written verses.
I'm trying to retire for a while,
I leave the paper to sleep,
If I don't mention your name,
then my heart freezes.
I feel short of breath,
and pain, below the left rib,
I can't control myself,
Your closeness, I really need it.
You live deep inside me,
inspirations multiply and nest.
Well, you are this woman's motivation
We will touch together - the stars.
© Slavka Božović


SLAVKA BOŽOVIĆ was born on 1965. in Niksic - Montenegro, where she graduated from the School of Economics and lives, works and creates in her hometown. She created poetry from her early childhood, and was a member of numerous recitation, acting and creative sections. Her works have been presented in more than 80 regional and world anthologies and joint collections, and have been translated into several world languages. She also has a significant share in electronic journals, domestic and foreign websites, as well as on radio frequencies where it is heard on all meridians. She has won numerous high awards: statues, medals, charters, plaques, diplomas, certificates ... at local and international festivals. Her poetry is highly ranked in the world. Slavka was named captain of world poetry at the world's most visited forum "StoriMirron" She is also the guardian of world poetry and the winner of the bronze medal for 2020 from - Silvio Bartolazio - president of world poetry. As a dedicated humanitarian activist who participates in contributing to the spread of love for peace and tolerance of humanity Slavka was inaugurated as an ambassador of peace for Montenegro and the winner of the prestigious "Icon of Peace" award. She also received the international title of Ambassador for Culture and Creativity from the International Cultural Forum for Humanity and Creativity. The Luso-Brazilian Academy of Arts and Poetry awarded Slavka Bozovic the title of academic coordinator of Montenegro. Slavka is an exemplary wife and mother of three adult children - academic citizens.

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