Thursday, October 1, 2020



Measure Life In A New Light

The need to reckon with future waves not being far,
The need to confront brutal facts keep not far,
Bracing yourself for future needs steadily,
Measure life in a new light, optimistically,
Steel yourself psychologically.
For absolute unwavering faith avail,
Realism that you can prevail,
Apply this strategy in this period chaotic,
At this point strategic.

Feed your soul wholeheartedly,
Harness the power of your positive qualities wholly,
To feel life, get rid of stress, frustrations
And life sucking inhibitions.
Draw yourself towards hobbies for relaxation,
Bring the bubbly feeling in you,
The gaiety will revitalise you,
To bring a better you, a dynamic you.

Pamper yourself enthusiastically today,
Feel life in you straightaway
For you to be extremely vibrant,
To bring about your soul’s contentment.
Always, your energy replenish,
The clouds will certainly vanish,
And facilitate your path in life as you wish.

Keep On Striving

For peace in the world, keep on shining brightly
Keep on striving in high spirits enthusiastically!
Even though, at times despair haunts you, terribly
Keep on showering your rays continuously!
Steadily and perseveringly.

There is much darkness in the world currently
With the ravages of the pandemic hitting drastically
Taking a heavy death toll shockingly,
But still, never lose hope, shine ardently,
And happiness will be thine incessantly.

When the moment of uncertainty
Haunt you, make way for something promptly.
Meet others, connect with them, whole heartedly
Or join a support group or company,
Or people expecting an epiphany.

Search for articles or books offering guidance
Help or assistance
Grasp the new and creative solutions duly,
Your path will be cleared undoubtedly,
For you to go forward brilliantly.

On Reading Kabir’s Lyrics

Kabir’s lyrics set my heart in raptures.
I saw myself drawn to his verses,
On the Supreme, there, in the Elysian fields
Where peace and beauty dwells,
With divine music and parks shady,
It’s believed to be reserved for mortals eternally,
Those who are close to God for being righteous,
There where the Lord is revealed in forms plenteous,
The scent of sandal and flowers dwell permanently,
In those fields heavenly.
There you can see the Lord’s manifestation,
In myriads of His creation,
In the form of Brahma, the Lord of creation,
Vishnu, Lord of preservation.
Shiva, the Lord of annihilation.
Ram, Rahim, Sita, Parvati,
Christ and Mother Mary.


PUSHMAOTEE SUBRUN studied in Delhi University, worked in Zimbabwe and Mauritius, was later a member of the Council of the University of Mauritius and is currently an editor in the Ministry. She is the author of: ‘Ella’, ‘Who is Your Best Friend?’ and ‘Short Stories and Fables’ and ‘A lyrical bouquet of Soulful Poems’. ‘Dreams to Reality’ will be published soon. Her poems have featured in prestigious online magazines such as ‘Setu’,‘Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2020’, ‘OPA Anthology of Poetry’, ‘International Poetry Anthology of Amaravati Poetic Prism’, ‘InnerChildPress Anthology, 2020’, ‘Best Poetry’, Realms of Poems, Konnect-e-zine, Motivational Strips and ‘Destiny Poets’ where she was selected as Poet of the Year and critic of ICOP Awards 2019. Five of her poems have been published by Bharat Vision. Lately she was honoured by Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya Akademi (UNDER STATE GOVERNMENT OF GUJARAT).

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