Thursday, October 1, 2020



Love Is My Faith

I celebrate beauty
and goodness, just,
a breeze of a silk sleep,
let him take me there.
white angels dream,
and the harps of peace play ...

My life,
With a bright soul
I want to be crowned
With bitter destinies end
In the gardens of paradise.

From the source
I want to drink faith
Of all pure hearts,
With hope and consolation
I want to be friend
For all unhappy people
Like a butterfly,
Flower of summer,
Let them to celebrate
And that beautiful Orion
To illuminates blue dreams.

Love is my faith
My children are
Breastfeed by beautiful faith
With the shackles
If the day of slavery
And therefore,
I want to count.
The rage of unreasonable,
Let it all fall on me,
If in my heart
In rhythmic melodies of love,
To stop beating me.

If the music of love
I won’t to be able
Just to hear!!!

The Beauty Of The Universe

Just love
Truth and justice
They are my life,
The joy of my heart.

That beauty
And the heart
Of the Earth needs,
The beauty of the universe
From the depths of the sky.

In words, that's what
I'm talking about,
I burn with them
And in them.


Timeless mother,
You who walked on thorns
And emotions of the heart,
You dawned me at dawn.
You, who illuminated the roads for me
With the golden glow,
The beauty of VENUS
And the power of the universe gate.

I gladly carry you in my heart
The essence of your strength
I ask for it.
You are my source and refuge,
That awaits me,
The energy that drives me,
The sacred silence of the echo.

The brightest star in my sky,
An amulet, which doesn’t give
Evil forces!
You're an in comprehensible
Secret and my timeless,
Angelic melody of my time.

With your sails,
I sail the sea of my life
With your inspiration,
I drink the abundance of beauty…
MOTHER, I shout alleluia to you
And I write a song of the heart!


ZDENKA MLINAR: she writes poetry, prose, and miniatures (aphorisms, haiku ...). She is a member of many cultural associations and societies and has published five independent collections of poems. She normally writes in Croatian standard, but also takes a challenge of writing in Croatian dialects. Her poetry and haiku works have been published in many international collections and journals, and in several European anthologies, while her haiku works have been included in the Anthology of Croatian Haiku Poetry in 2018. In 2019 she was selected in the European top 100 most creative haiku authors and became a member of The Haiku Foundation, a world's registry of English-language haiku. Her poems have been translated into English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish and Romani language while a dozen of them have become lyrics for music songs. Mrs. Mlinar's works has been published in over 80 collections and anthologies in her home country and abroad, and she is regularly publishing in electronic media and various guest appearances and round tables. She received many letters of appreciation, praise, acknowledgments, diplomas, and medals for her work. She is enlisted in The Lexicon of Modern Writers of Velika Gorica in 2006 and 2020.  She is an active member of the social community, participates in art colonies and various charity activities. In 2018 she held a solo art exhibition. She lives and works in Zagreb, Velika Gorica and in Novalja on the island of Pag in Croatia.


  1. Wow, wow, ovo tek sada vidim... Hvala cijenjenim damama iz uredničkog stola, hvala gosp. Nilvaro! Čestitke pjesnikinji mjeseca ELISABETTI BAGLI!

  2. Poštovani, ovo je jako loš prijevod, ako je ikako moguće, molila bih englesku verziju. Puno hvala! I da. NilavroNill, a ne Nilvaro... Sorry!

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