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Why we write poems or more than anything else, like to read poetry? Poetry never helps us to acquire wealth or serves any purpose to solve our everyday problems. Is it relevant in our life in general? These are the questions which are constantly looming large especially in this present time of pandemic. People are suffocating everywhere, either in the hospitals for the last breath of the life or in home under lockdown. We have nowhere to go. Walls are closing down from all sides around. Media is making hue and cry for a vaccine. As if a vaccine will be the gate pass to return back to normalcy. People are dancing with this tune of vaccine dream. Waiting anxiously for a vaccine era of life where validity of vaccine will ensure our liberty to roam around. Time is changing rapidly. We are constantly trying to adjust ourselves with the abnormalities of the present time and accepting all these abnormalities as the normal conditions of the modern era.

Yes, under the locked down days online cultural activities are increasing beyond any proportion. Too many people are organizing online poetry recital events. Participating in literary discussions in front of online viewers around the world. These are the activities to keep us insulated from depressions, mental anxieties and boredom. Especially when we are to remain confined inside four walls of our home. So, one can say, our literary activities has been increased during this pandemic time. It sounds good that people are trying to use this abnormal period in a creative manner, instead of surrendering to everyday anxieties. Anxieties are there, no doubt. Everybody is worried about near and dear ones. We are all in a dilemma and confusion about how to cope with the present pandemic. Yet everybody is trying his or her best to manage the situation accepting the conditions around with reasoning.

And poetry and literature in general can help us immensely to nurture this skill of reasoning. Not in the same way of pure science or technology. But in the other way around developing our rational visions. This rationality of our vision is essential to keep sanity during the most insane periods of time. Yes, poetry and literature have this power to empower us with the inner philosophy of life by opening up our vision to realize our time and it’s essence. A poet can see the unseen. Can realize the visuals beyond it’s time frames. Can create a virtual reality which can lead us towards the hidden truths of life. So that we can make a comparative study of our individual life and the universal as well as eternal life. A poet can bring us more and more close to the eternal time with the help of individual time frames of past present and future. And then as a reader and lover of poetry we can realize that even a pandemic of this scale is less significant than it seems at present.

This realization helps us immensely to step forward, to clear our vision and to look forward beyond this pandemic. Beyond the deaths of our fellow human beings. Beyond the loss of our near and dear ones. Even beyond the fear of approaching towards the end of our life all of a sudden. Poetry and literature provide us with this power of realization of the universal life and the eternal time. We can realize this universal life even within the fractured time frames of past present and future of our own individual self. Yes, it is an immense power to sustain even the avalanche of catastrophic events. It makes us stronger to strive for our own survival. But not in seclusion rather in a coherent manner with the inclusion of the whole humanity.

Fortunately, this lockdown period has made it possible with the help of information technology to include the whole humanity into our own confidence in our realization of this universal life within our individual time frames. Let’s utilize this golden opportunity to minimize the conflicts among various races, religions, communities and nationalities. Let’s carry forward our poetical endeavors to bring out the conflicting traditions and heritages closer to each other. So that we can respect each other’s traditions and heritages minimizing the conflicting egos and prejudices. It can pave an endurable road to march forward towards a new civilized world of peace and prosperity without wars and war machineries. Without human deaths into the hands of war industrialists. Without the alienation of human soul among conflicting human interests and prejudices. Without any fear of defeats into the hands of each other’s.

We at Our Poetry Archive are constantly working towards these goals since our first publication. During this time frame of five and half years we can say that we have tried our best to bring various traditions and heritages closer to each other’s. And we have also tried our best to ease out the conflicts and to bring ourselves out of our selfish egos to embrace the whole world.

With this edition of OPA, we are glad enough to introduce poet MARIAN EIKELHOF. She is also a psychologist. Her work inspires her to write about the emotional aspects of life. Not only she describes feelings of love, intimacy and desire, but also, she reflects about states of profound sadness and feelings of emptiness. On the whole she criticizes dehumanization and an ongoing process of alienation in human relationships. Marian’s poetry book “a zero-hour contract with life” has been translated from Dutch into English and Turkish. For children who are being bullied, she wrote the book “Lekker Boeiend!” (“I am not impressed!”) and together with her sister Els Eikelhof she has written the manual “Feel yourself Okay” for teachers guiding children with a disability. Her poems have been published by several prestigious magazines and Marian is a peace activist defending humanity by attending poetry festivals in Europe and Latin America. Let’s hope our readers will enjoy both her interview and her poems along with this whole issue consisting of more than hundreds of poems of the poets all over the world.

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