Tuesday, September 1, 2020




I was going on a journey,
Which had no destinations
What I did all my life what I tried,
But I was not successful

I was in the search of one happiness,
How many sorrows have tortured me
When I thought about it,
I got scared where have I ended up to.

Think how helpless I was,
I did what I should have.
When I looked back a bit,
I was scared of my own condition.

When I thought about myself,
I was ashamed of myself at that time
When I thought of this ,
I got nervous where have I come.

In search of life, I have came so close to death.
@All copyright reserved
Ro Hamedullah (RH)

Listen My Heartbeat's

All the moments that I shall live
I want to live them with you
Whatever my future is
I want to live it with you.

All the breaths that I take
I want to take them with you
Whatever the path may be
I want to walk only with you

All the loves that I really love
I want to dote them with you
Whatever be the situation of love
I want to spend only with you

Let me come and live in your arms
Let me come and hide in your embrace
Where shall I go without you ?
I've to get from you

Those moments of happiness as a present
On which only I hold the right
I live in your memories
I wake up with your dreams

When someone tries to find me
Let me be found in your eyes
@All copyright reserved
Ro Hamedullah ( RH)

Was It You

Was it you,
Or a ray of light
Was it you,
Or a smiling flower bud

Was it you,
Or the rain of dreams
Was it you,
Or the clouds joy spread all over

Was it you,
Or a blossom flower
Was it you,
Or I found a new world

Was it you,
Or the fragrance in the air
Was it you,
Or the colours everywhere

Was it you,
Or the lights in the path
Was it you,
Or a song echoing in the air

Was it you,
Or I find the destination
Was it you,
Or a magical atmosphere

The caravan of dreams,
Stopped for a couple of moments
This tale of love lasted for a couple of moments
And then, we left in separate directions
@All copyright reserved


HAMEDULLAH ALISHRAI: Rohingya poet from Myanmar country, twenty-three years old. A teacher and writes poetry, short stories and quotes. His poems have been published in many anthology books. He was awarded from many different institutes as a poet and humble servant of humanity.

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