Tuesday, September 1, 2020



I Am

I'm here, next to you, for you.
I'm what you want me to be.
I can be real as a heart
or the feelings I have,
or I can remain an illusion like dreams
which melt at dawn
without being able to touch them,
I can be a whispered verse
what dissipates like a breeze,
or a verse on a worn paper,
carried in the pocket near the heart.
I can be anything, anytime, anywhere,
I am,
a speck of dust in the universe,
but above all,
I am
Mirela Minuţa Alexa

Floral Aromas
Arome Florale

I wish, my love,
to be two drops of dew,
of a serene morning.
Have you ever seen,
how are dewdrops courted at dawn?
They roll, hurriedly, towards each other,
trembling, in the desire to merge.
They combine their vim on the eyelash of the day, for a moment,
in a consensual kiss of death,
they are then given to the dust,
in an eternal embrace.
A fascinating prelude to life.

Let me hug your heart,
I'll catch her in my chest forever!
Tell me I'm your only love,
that we will carry, in the palm of our hands,
the light of eternity!

If I end up dreaming,
you look for me beyond the bedroom of the moon.
Destiny is written in our dreams.
Release your dream, love!
Urge him to run to fulfillment!
Doesn't the cry of my heart ring in your eardrums?
My soul is the voluntary prisoner
of a body that seeks you in every ray of light.
All my gestures lead to your lips,
in an insatiable desire to suck their nectar.

You appeared in my way in a spring breeze
and you have taken root in my heart
seduced by the floral aromas.

Will You Surely Love Me As Well?
Mâine, sigur mă vei iubi la fel?

Tonight you are mine entirely
pampering me with your love
and sweet love poems.

Tonight, magical,
love shines in your eyes.
But tomorrow, will you surely love me as well?

The morning stars in your eyes
will they light up our embrace in the same way?
Or what you feel now
it's just a whim,
a pleasure of the moment,
and tomorrow
you will open the door of the heart
another passionate love?

Tonight, magnificent,
the silences speak, vibrating in echoes
and our hearts speak and understand each other.

I can feel your fingertips drawing my body
and I wonder if this is true or I'm dreaming,
and tomorrow at dawn
will I just hug the cold bedding?

This evening
You swear I'm unique in your life,
like love
what you experience intensely the first time,
But when the sun's rays
they will get in your way
other tender faces,
what will make you smile gracefully,
what will i mean
the old, the worn one?
Tomorrow, are you sure you'll love me the same?

Our Stations
Gările noastre

The mounth of the May caresses your fiery gaze
in which the desire for fulfillment sparkles
In my eyes, autumn shook its dew
tight from the corolla of burning expectations
between two stations

Measuring in small steps
the same platform to which I entrusted
all my longings,
I directed, in thousands of flavors and colors,
our first kiss, first hug,
winged in the shadow of the pennants
through the noisy murmur of the train wheels

Today our stations have the same platform


MIRELA MINUȚA ALEXA from Arad. Member of the International Academy of Literature and Art, Apollon-Romania Cultural Center Society; Member of ASCIOR (Technical Editor). Author of five volumes of lyrics: - Director of Friendship Anthologies: vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 (2016-2020; - technical editor, proofreader, cover author for the volumes of several authors; - technical editor, proofreader of ASCIOR Anthologies 2017 and 2018; Winner of several awards at national and international literary competitions.

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