Tuesday, September 1, 2020



Me, The New Frankenstein.

My tears are scars
Between the worn skin of my days.
I, Frankenstein, come to life
From electrical discharges that your love
It releases violently to my heart.

I have the body of other mortals
But the soul is mine alone,
And I will give it to you!
You, the beginning of my existence,
Compass of my hope.

My dress smeared
From mud and death,
Still alive, like the days with you.
My crooked gait,
But my straight road,
Only your eyes to illuminate my goal!

I, The Pinocchio Of Poetry.

You sculpted my life
Like a carpenter, his wood
You gave me the body of a puppet,
The soul of a human being,
You tied my hands and feet to invisible threads,
You make me talk how you want
You make me cry when you want.

I am a poet Pinocchio in your hands,
you are poetry Geppetto who formed me,
Fabric with rhymes, metrics, texts.
You have always loved me
Even when, rebel, I break ties
And with the cat and the fox of my thoughts
They take me away from you
Leaving you more and more alone,
Getting older,
With that pain that destroys your heart,
With those tears that streak
That cold wood of my face.

Liar, liar, people shout at me
As my nose gets longer
Demonstration of what I am,
Not just a liar,
But the most sincere of liars.

I brought you too many pains,
And even though I'm made of wood, I also have a heart,
So with this letter of mine I swear eternal love,
Return to you,
I stick to those invisible threads,
I will never go away from you
I swear!
I go back to being your Pinocchio
And you my Geppetto!

The Magic Of Your Love.

Kiss Me
and like a kite you fly me,
suspended between earth and infinity.
Here is the magic of your love!

I live alone with you
And I see my best days,
as slides,
or a film from the past,
I savor the almond tree in bloom
it is springs in my heart.


EMANUELE CILENTI, born in Messina, Italy, in 1981, is 38 years old, he is: poet, writer, actor, songwriter, film director. He has published ten books: "A blade of grass that tickles the sky", "Dream journeys of my soul", "I'm just a nightmare", "Violent percussions", "Heavenly whispers", "Infinite petals", " Echoes immortal "," Tears of ink on the face of the heart "," Help! I have two mummies in the house "," That wake of light and beauty ". As a poet and writer, he won some poetry premieres in Italy and his poems have been translated into Spanish, English and Romanian.  As a songwriter he wrote the lyrics for two albums of as many emerging artists of the Italian music scene, and also collaborates with a record company in the province of Messina, Italy. Come theater actor since 2007 with several theater companies in Messina. At the cinema he has participated in five Sicilian films independent, playing different comic and dramatic roles. As a video-maker, he has made four short films entitled: "Beyond the journey", "The death of the puppets", "The molds", "A sea of  T-shirts", “Deadly hypnosis”, “7 lives ... destroyed”,  can be found in the YouTube.

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